Video Pins Services

Let’s talk video pins!

They are all the rage right now, which totally makes sense. There are over 175 BILLION pins on Pinterest. You read that right! BILLION! You have to stay ahead of the curve and make your pins stand out.

That is where I come in. Now I have all professional lighting system, I am working with a local photographer to make these videos POP, a variety of props and backgrounds too. In addition, I have a video editing program that allows me to combine videos and still images, add text, music, and really allows me to showcase your amazing resources!

Can you see it? Your resources coming to life on Pinterest for all to see and find! You can even use these videos on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram for your feed and stories! It is time to jump ahead of the curve and stand out!

Check out this video for an amazing word work bundle!

Sounds great, what’s the cost?

See as a fellow teacher seller I know how hard it is to get started when you are competing against the big fish in the sea. So I have made my prices very reasonable. I do not do an hourly rate, that gets too confusing. So you pay one price for two videos. The two videos will be of one resource just two different sizes, square, and portrait. Which both can be uploaded to Pinterest and Instagram.

Want to check out my work first? Of COURSE! Click here for my Instagram handle and watch my video pins in my story highlight section.

This is the introductory pricing which will rise May of 2020. Click here for my sign up form and current prices.

To lock in prices click here to sign up for monthly subscription service! Receive videos and photo pins monthly with highly reduced prices!