Have you heard about this Pinterest update and all this talk about “fresh” pins? I am sure you have! It might seem a bit overwhelming right now but it is so important so you don’t get marked as a spam account and get suspended. Keep reading to learn how to prevent this!

Information on the Pinterest Update

Last month Pinterest and Tailwind made a video together announcing the change and the new algorithm. In summary, Pinterest now recommends you limit your daily pinning through Tailwind to just 10-25 pins a day but at a max which can get tricky you can post 50 times a day through Tailwind. Why? Well, Pinterest wants active users. They want you to spend some time on the platform just like your audience does. For example, Instagram is all about engagement and loves to see you interact with your followers. Well, Pinterest which it is NOT a social media platform, wants to see business owners like you using the Platform too.

Furthermore, Tailwind is also limiting the amount of times you can pin the same pin to 10 boards. It’s all about that term “fresh” Pinterest wants out with the old and in with the new and Tailwind is going to remind you of that. Since you should only post the same pin to 10 boards make sure your boards are keyworded, relevant, and meaningful for your pin.

In addition to limiting it to ten boards, Tailwind recommends scheduling out the same pin at least two days apart. It is set to schedule out one week later, but you can change it to two days, which is a good thing to do with your seasonal resources. Pinning the same image to different boards less than the recommended two-day interval will get your account suspended for repetitive pinning. Want more information from Tailwind? Click here.

Will multiple pins for one resource/post look spammy?

NOPE! Pinterest wants those new images and a fresh look to the platform. Pinterest wants the percentage of new images aka fresh pins higher than the percentage of duplicate pins. To Pinterest a duplicate pin is the exact image/URL combination that has already been on Pinterest. If it’s on Pinterest already it is no longer a fresh pin. that obnoxious pop up on Tailwind saying “oh you have already posted this URL to this board” welp that is GONE! YAY!

The old rule was changing up the font and text but using the same image. Well, that does not count as a fresh pin anymore. Since Pinterest is a visual search engine they will recognize if that image on your pin has been posted by you before for that URL. If it has welp, it’s not fresh.


Well, Pinterest wants users to see new images and videos. They say 80% of pins on Pinterest were repins and 20% are new images saved to the platform. I have also read from Pinterest experts that they will start showing results based on a pin being fresh rather than popularity. This is all hearsay but that is the current rumor on the street.


Oh, my friend no need to worry! I provide this service at such a reasonable rate. Click here for pricing to hire out this service and receive fresh pins for all your resources at a reasonable rate!

In addition, to these new fresh still pins I also make video pins which continuing to grow on Pinterest. Click here for information on video services. If you are already a subscriber to video pins you get a significant discount for these fresh pins!


Like I said earlier, Pinterest wants us using the platform. Try to upload one new pin each day MANUALLY to the most relevant board.

Then schedule it out in Tailwind to 9 other relevant boards (remember the two days apart rule too) and add don’t forget to add it to your tribes too!

For example, if I pin my blog pin for this pin on Monday. I will manually pin it to my Pinterest Marketing board. Next, I will schedule it out in Tailwind. Lastly, I will add it to my tribes and make sure the first time this pin from Tailwind goes out is on Wednesday. For this particular post I will spread the pin out over a four day period. Once the pin has circulated through my relevant boards, I will add a new pin with a completely different image to Pinterest.

Try this out for one month and then come back here and let me know how it went!

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