Imagine every morning students are working hard, already learning, and the teacher is finishing last minute prep work for the day. However, in reality it most students are asking a zillion questions will the teacher is trying to prep these last few activities for the day. Does this sound like your morning? This was mine until I started differentiating their morning work.

I needed that prep time in the morning to organize and get everything ready for the day. I also needed my students to do something independently. Before I created this differentiated morning work, I noticed some students were not working at all. They just sat there staring into space. Those students were mostly frustrated because the work I set out for them was too hard. Which also means they were starting their morning already down in the dumps, frustrated, confused, and ready to quit. That is not how I wanted my students to feel at all, so I decided to create this differentiated morning work bundle.

This differentiated morning work bundle includes three math levels and three reading levels which are separated out. So, if you have high students in math but are low in reading you can mix and match what levels students received. Which allowed me to customize a plan for my students to meet their needs. For example, my students were working on grade level standards but on their level for math and reading. I mixed up so many combinations for students and they fluctuated between morning group sets based on gains. My morning work sets did not stick with them the entire year. Students who grew quickly moved up in levels at different points throughout the year which was great. It meant they were making progress!

Reason Number 1

After a month of differentiated their morning work I saw a change in my students. They came into the room, sat down, and completed the page. Every single one of them. They were no longer feeling frustrated right off the bat or already down on themselves. My students were gaining confidence in their knowledge, which is something we all want them to do!

Sample pages for the second grade differentiated morning work bundle

Furthermore, since my students were less frustrated, they were learning. My students were learning before the bell even rang! I didn’t see those students staring out into space I saw students working hard to complete the task in front of them. Which completely set the tone for the rest of the day. They were there to work and learn. Also, my students were unaware that their morning work was different than others. So the students who are high level saw my lower leveled students turning in completed pages. To them they were doing the same work because the set up looks so similar. Everyone looked as if they were on the same playing field. It gave my higher students a humbling experience and my lower students a chance to show how awesome they were! Seriously though, differentiated morning work was such a game changer.

Reason Number 3

Lastly, having the morning work differentiated I wasn’t answering billions of questions during my last-minute prep time. Yes, I still had a few questions here and there but there was a substantial decrease! Which gave me more uninterrupted prep time during those busy mornings!

Finally, I have created differentiated morning work for second and third graders. This year long bundle also includes a summer packet. There are enough pages in this for your students to complete one page each day! All differentiated and themed appropriately for the month. I saw a huge difference by using these differentiated morning worksheets. Trust me, differentiating the morning work was a life saver for all of my students and my last minute prep time!

However, these are not intended to last 45 minutes. After students complete the page, they can do other things you have set out for them. My students had the choice to finish up homework, complete something out of their differentiated folder (yes, I differentiated folders too) or play some educational games on the iPad. My students rotated between these different options each day.

Sample pages from the third grade morning work bundle

Click here to grab the second grade morning work bundle!

Click here to grab the third grade morning work bundle!

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