Whether you’re in school or at home, continuing to practice saying and spelling sight words is important to your student’s progress in reading! We strive to make reading fun so that students will develop a love of reading. Kids who love to read become great readers! Check out these fun activities that students can use to practice their own Dolch or Fry sight words! 

Bean Bag Toss

You will need index cards with your child or student’s sight words written on them, as well as beanbags (different colored bean bags if more than one child is playing). Lay the index cards out on the floor, and have the students stand several feet away, behind a designated line. Students will toss their beanbags underhand and try to make them land on an index card. When they hit an index card, they say and spell the word that is on the card. If they say the word correctly, they get to keep the card. Several students can play this at one time and compete for cards, or one child can play alone! 

Memory Match

Write your student’s sight words on index cards in pencil, so the letters don’t show through the back of the card. Write each word on two seperate cards, then mix the cards up. Lay the cards face-down on the floor. Students play memory to match the words, and get to keep the pair if they read the word correctly. Students can play with each other, or independently. 

Magic Reveal 

Another fun way to practice is through a mystery reveal! Write each sight word in white crayon on a white piece of paper. Then, students paint the paper with watercolor paints to reveal the word. Students can read and spell it after the mystery words have been revealed! 

Digital Task Cards 

For kids who love technology, allowing them to practice can be a blast when they use computers or tablets to learn! Using a resource like this Sight Word Boom Card Bundle allows parents and teachers to differentiate the sight word lists, and allows students to hear, read, and type their words on their device. They can even solve puzzles and crack codes using their sight words! Click the link to check out this great sight word resource! 

Roll and Write 

You will need a list of 6 sight words appropriate for your student, a paper with columns numbered 1-6, and one six-sided dice. The words on the list are assigned a number value of 1-6. Students roll the die, and then write the corresponding word in the correct column. For more of a challenge, students can roll two dice and write twelve words instead of six. 

Lego Words 

Kids LOVE Legos! Help your little builders learn by writing letters, blends, or digraphs on Legos. Students can use a flat Lego to attach letters to in order to spell their sight words. They can then check their Lego creations against their list. 

By utilizing these fun, hands-on activities, your child or student will get sight word practice and have a great time while doing so! 

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