The summer months may seem short, but statistics show that students lose about 30% of their knowledge from the previous school year during the summer. Now I do think summer is a great break but there are several things you can do to prevent that 30% decrease and ways to keep learning over summer.

Why is it Important?

For example, having your child/student read 20 minutes 4-5 times a week will make a huge difference and prevent the loss of . Not only will it help your student or child retain the strategies they learned from the previous year, it will also, help them grow and develop their critical thinking skills. Just by reading kids will still learn and they will be ready for the upcoming school year.

For instance, an Olympic athlete doesn’t take a break from their training even though their season is over just like students shouldn’t stop reading just because their school season is over. It’s important for athletes to maintain their muscle strength and exercise their body just like the importance of students exercising their brain and maintaining their reading stamina.

Furthermore, experts indicate students lose more knowledge in math skills than reading. If your student or child is reading over the summer this is where the math portion comes in. Not only do students need to keep reading over the summer but they also need to practice math skills.

Preventing the Summer Decrease

Like I mentioned above, reading is the most important tool to maintain and grow with their literacy skills. It’s important to connect their reading with comprehension strategies. If you need help asking your students or child(ren) questions, click here for a resource to help!

Also, a summer packet is a great way to practice skills and maintain their knowledge over the summer. These packets pictured below are for first, second, and third grade students. They are differentiated so every child can work on grade level standards at their level. You can mix and match the levels. Each grade level has math, literacy, and writing activities to prevent that summer slide! There are over 100 pages for each grade to help your child(ren) or students to practice the standards which will help them get ready to learn when the school year starts up again! Click the caption to view each resource.

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