As teachers, we all know the importance of staying organized! Organization is imperative so that you can accomplish everything you need to accomplish in order for your students to learn effectively. A great planner like this can help you stay organized, and keep your information in one place for easy access! An editable planner is essential, because as we all know, things change quickly in a classroom! A snow day, a fire drill, or a new student all can cause you to have to shift your paperwork, and editable planners make it easy! 

Plans and Goals 

One of the best strategies to lesson planning is backwards mapping. Every month, or every quarter, begin by looking at all of your standards, tests, and lessons. Then, working backwards from bigger tasks to smaller tasks, map out what the next few weeks of your instruction will look like. An effective planner will help you ensure that you are meeting standards and that you have adequate instruction time prior to assessments. Editable planners will also help you to shift things when the unexpected happens. 

Meeting Notes 

As teachers, we attend a lot of meetings! Your planner should have an extensive Meeting Notes section so that you can write down the key points of each meeting. This is especially helpful during IEP meetings, when parents, teachers, and specialists talk about ideas and accommodations for students. Meeting notes are also helpful for committee meetings, so that you can remember dates and tasks. Finally, meeting notes are imperative during parent meetings. You will want to take careful notes during these meetings to ensure that you are doing everything you said you would do during the meeting, such as giving a reduced amount of homework. On the flip side, it is important to have a record of what the parent talked about, and strategies that were discussed, especially if there is a follow-up meeting. 


Raise your hand if your online gradebook has crashed at some point in your teacher career! Having grades listed in your teacher planner eliminates a catastrophe if your grading system crashes or does not save. Additionally, it is nice to have grades written down so that you can do a quick comparison if needed. 


You may not see the need to take attendance in a paper planner if your school has electronic attendance. But much like online grading systems, online attendance systems are also known to crash at the most inconvenient times. Additionally, when you take paper attendance, you have a record of present students as accountability for any unexpected drills. Having an attendance section in your planner gives you everything in one place! 


There are so many dates to keep track of in a school! From assemblies to special events, meetings to testing windows, it’s impossible to remember when things are happening without a great calendar. Keep all of your events in order with your teacher planner’s calendar section. As an added bonus, having a calendar handy when you are backwards mapping will help you keep track of time. 


Ditch the sticky notes and keep your thoughts in one place! The Notes section of your teacher planner will help you to remember the little things that pop up on a daily basis. With a quick glance, you’ll get a reminder that Johnny has Speech on Tuesdays at 10:30 and that the flute section of the student band has a lesson on Friday at 1. Checking your Notes and updating them daily can save you headaches while you are trying to do what you do best- teach your students! 

A comprehensive, editable teacher planner can be a lifesaver in a busy classroom and school! Knowing that your grades, attendance, notes, calendar, and meeting minutes are all in one place gives you peace of mind and keeps you organized! 

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