Something that most teachers love to do is decorate their classroom at the beginning of each year! Many teachers decide on a theme for the year, and decorate accordingly. While not necessary, this is a great way to show the students what you, as a teacher, are interested in. This can help establish a bond and connection with some students! However, there are several other reasons why classroom decor is important. 

Anchor Charts and More

Learning should be fun, and your classroom should convey a sense of excitement about learning. Additionally, part of your decor does need to be focused on learning. Make it fun with colorful anchor charts about current or repeating topics. Some students are very visual learners and will remember the information on an anchor chart about parts of speech or how to solve a two-step equation better than learning it through verbal instruction. Make a good number of your decorations relevant to your curriculum, especially for older kids! 

Rules and Routines

Kids learn best when they know what to expect. Part of your class decor can be a daily schedule (with pictures if necessary!), procedures for things like lining up, and classroom rules. Students can collaborate on a classroom rules and expectations poster that could be a fun (and free!) addition to your walls! 

Class Jobs

One of the most fun things about elementary school are the class jobs that students can do. Children take pride in being the line leader, the pet feeder, or the paper passer. These jobs give them a sense of responsibility. Help your students remember to do their jobs by including a colorful job chart or display as part of your class decor! 

Celebrate a Job Well Done

Display student work as part of your class decor! Choose an assignment where students used creative thinking or art skills to complete their work. Avoid displaying grades, but do display and celebrate hard work! 

A Welcoming Environment

A nicely decorated classroom helps to create a welcoming environment for students. Especially for students who may have chaotic home lives, your classroom can help serve as an oasis of calm. Avoid lots of clutter, let in natural light, and play with seating to encourage collaboration. Consider adding some cozy elements, such as a couch or beanbag chairs, to your classroom library area. 

Enrichment Activities

Your class decor can even serve as enrichment for students who finish their work early! By creating centers or interactive bulletin boards, you can include things to do for students who finish their work early. They will be able to get up and move, and you can decide what enrichment activities to offer. It’s a win-win! 

A lot goes into decorating a classroom! When you begin yours, consider the age of your students, your curriculum, and the layout of your actual room. You are on your way to creating a beautiful, welcoming environment for your students!

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