Did you know 20% of your time should be geared towards content creation and the other 80% of your time should be spent on marketing your teacher resource? Well it’s true and conducting your own market research is crucial in growing your business.  

What is Marketing Research?

Marketing research is when a business figures out where their audience is and what they need. For example, a teacher who wants a Thanksgiving activity for her students will search for it. For them it would be disappointing to see regular resources since the teacher is looking for something specific.

As a business owner it’s important for you to conduct your own market research by figuring out who the product is for and when they would need it.

In order to have a successful business you need to do your research. Businesses that do not do research don’t make it past the fifth year of business. Why? Well, they might create the best holiday activities for kids, but nobody is seeing them which means no sales.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a great place to look for what teachers are searching for on the internet. This program allows you to create ads and look up keywords for your blog post on your resource. You can use these keywords to boost your SEO. Personally, when I look at my traffic on TpT I can see all the traffic my Google AdWords are bringing to my store. It’s my third highest traffic campaign.

In addition to using these keywords for SEO on Google, you can also use these words for your TpT description. If teachers are searching for it on Google, I bet they are searching for it on TpT too.


A lot of teachers are on Pinterest looking for the best activities to use with their sweet kiddos. It’s important as a teacher seller to use Pinterest to reach that audience. You can conduct your own research on Pinterest by using their keywords and trend tool.


Furthermore, it’s important to market to teachers on Instagram. However, your market research will look different on Instagram. For example, you need to market to your followers and utilize relevant hashtags that will help drive traffic to your product. These hashtags are your market research. Nonetheless, when you are on Instagram look up relevant hashtags that will get your post seen.

Do I have to do this for ALL of my products?

First of all, I am sorry to say YES! Remember that 80% is all about marketing your products. Also, it’s important to use Google, Pinterest, Instagram, and even Facebook to market towards different teachers. It’s also important for you to know keywords on what a teacher might be looking for.

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Furthermore, You might like to learn about marketing through videos! Click here.

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