SEO we hear it all the time as teacher authors, but do we actually know how to use it effectively? SEO stands for search engine optimization. Basically, what other teachers are searching for when planning lessons. Now let’s go over how to use these SEO words on three different platforms, Google, Pinterest, and Instagram.


Get your blog or products seen on Google by using Google AdWords. This resource is a huge tool to research keywords to include in your blog post, Pinterest description, and on TpT. If teachers are searching for it on Google, they’ll be searching it on TpT too. Click here to set up your Google AdWords account. Next, after you login you’ll need to pause your ads so you aren’t charged. Then, go to tools and settings and click on keyword planner. Search for what your product is and see what others are searching for too. You can use these words in your blog posts, on Pinterest, TpT description and more. This tool will greatly benefit you.


Businesses that use Pinterest are unbranded which means, there isn’t any favoritism. The way to be seen on Pinterest is a rich keyword description and a pin that stands out. To find keywords just go to Pinterest and search what your project is about. For example, search “Addition task cards” and see what pops up. Next, at the top you’ll see bubbles of categories. Those are keywords to use on your pin itself and in your description.


When you use those keywords in your description write a nice paragraph using a few of those keywords. Just don’t make it sound super spammy.

Furthermore, research the pin topic on Google AdWords as well. If you use these AdWords in your pin description, Google will pull up your pin when someone researches for it.


Instagram is also a great place to market your resources but keywords on Instagram a different than other platforms. For example, you’ll put keywords in your bio. What grade level do you create resources for? What subject? Put those words into your bio.

Secondly, your hashtags are also keywords. Have a stellar math resource? Check the Smarthash app to find popular hashtags to add to your post.

Finally, make sure those keywords from Google AdWords and Pinterest are in your caption on Instagram too.


Finding keywords is a must for all of your resources. It’s important to use these words teachers are searching for in order for them to see your product. Each platform will have different keywords however, you can use these keywords from all of your research across your platforms. Just make sure to not keyword stuff. Keep it simple.

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