Imagine an evening where you finally get to lay down to relax. You start scrolling through your phone and suddenly realize an hour has already gone by. You ask yourself: “What did I accomplish?” This is the reality for many people as social media provides an endless outlet to help reduce stress and help people relax. However, with Crafty Curriculum, people will be scrolling through and instantly be drawn into the pins and videos on your page! 

Utiziling Instagram as a TPT Seller 

There is a huge opportunity to draw in Teacher Pay Teacher buyers through Instagram. While people are spending time scrolling through Instagram posts, they have the opportunity to see engaging information and videos about products. However, there are so many Instagram posts and so much to buy on TPT, so creating the perfect videos and posts are key. With the right assistance, your posts can draw in so many buyers! 

Narrowing in the Focus

Are some of your posts about your personal life while others are about the products you are selling? This may actually be causing a decrease in selling your products or services because the focus is too vague. Crafty Curriculum will work with you to narrow in the focus of the posts on your account. You want people to know why they are following you, so they have expectations on what they will see in your posts. For example, do you sell TPT products? Second-hand clothing? Make-up tutorials? By having a focus, followers will look forward to your posts and have a general idea on what to expect. 

Crafty Curriculum will help focus on the purpose of your posts through the wide range of services offered. There are four videos and four digital preview packages in addition to many add-ons! The created items will be visually appealing in order to draw the focus of your audience in while making your posts stand out among all the rest!

Holding your Followers

Some may say getting followers is much easier than holding on to them. People can click the checkmark to follow you but if they do not like your posts, it is very easy to unfollow. Crafty Curriculum will help ensure your posts hold your follower’s attention! 

There will be a focus on putting a face behind the posts in order to help your followers relate to you. For example, maybe you host Q & A sessions, short videos where you talk to your followers, or emails to help send followers alerts for upcoming posts. 

With everything else going on in life, Instagram management may seem overwhelming. This is exactly why Crafty Curriculum can do this for you! There are 3 different packages in order to ensure you are captivating your followers. Captions will be thoughtfully put together in addition to hashtag research. Lastly, the posts will be scheduled for you, which means you will have time to focus on your work and followers versus putting the actual post together! 

Video Services 

In addition to everything else going on in your life, putting together videos for your products may be placed on the back burner. However, Crafty Curriculum is here to help! Videos are key because they draw in the attention of your followers in an engaging format. Your product will transform from a digital copy to a video that will be sure to showcase your work while holding the attention of your followers. 

Crafty Curriculum is here to help increase your social media following in a high-quality format! Between the different packages and add-ons, everything can be customized to what you are looking for and what will be best for your followers! 

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