5 Reasons to Use Printable Escape Rooms in Your Classroom This Year

5 reasons to use printable escape room with your class

There are many advantages for using printable escape rooms in your classroom or for homeschool purposes too. Today we are going to share five reasons to why you should involve escape rooms with your teaching!

What are Printable Escape Rooms

These games are downloadable PDFs that come with puzzles, clues, and focus on a learning aspect. For example, an educator can download a room for rhyming that involves problem solving through clues and puzzles that are all about rhyming. Also, there are several other escape rooms too that involve more than one standard. For instance, one game can focus on grammar, addition, subtraction, and even social studies. Each of these games are fun to complete.

Reasons to Use Escape Room Games

Not only are escape rooms fun and engaging but there are many benefits to using these games and activities in your classroom or even with homeschool students. First of all, these crack the code activities promote problem solving skills. In order to solve the room students will have to solve problems and clues to escape in time. Directions are given but it is up to the students to solve the puzzles and completely different tasks using critical thinking skills.

In addition, solve the room puzzles help build teamwork skills. Let’s face it, group projects are hard because only few students do the work while the others sit back and enter dream land. By using these activities students will work together to complete a common task. Since printable escape rooms are fun and engaging all students will want to participate and help the team out to solve the mystery.

Furthermore, escape room games are interactive and engaging for students to complete. This takes boring tasks and turns them into a fun and engaging game where students practice skills to solve the mystery. For example, instead of rhyme sorting activity small groups of students can complete a rhyming solve the room mystery instead. The room still focuses on the same skills but with the mystery it is more interactive and engaging for kids.

rhyming game for preschoolers shows a printable page where students color in the rhyming word to match the task card and cluesAlso, they build perseverance because they are challenging to complete. Since there is a time goal students will need to work through different challenging puzzles to solve the room. Some clues they will need to rework until they figure out the puzzle.

Finally, these printable escape rooms  make a great informative assessment for small groups of students. If all students are completing the room at the same time teachers can walk around and make observations on student’s problem-solving skills and their ability to complete the puzzle on a certain standard. For example, if students are struggling finding rhyming and try to complete a rhyming escape room it may take the group longer and teachers can assess students knowledge through a hands on learning activity.

Two Different Types Of Rooms

shape escape room shows shapes to trace on a paper


Over here at Crafty Curriculum we create two different types of printable escape room games to use with students. Both types are great for problem solving, teamwork, and informal assessments too.

Mini Escape Rooms for Kids

Our mini escape rooms are great for small groups during center time. We offer math and literacy mini games that are black and white easy prep and focus on a single standard. So far our mini sets are for preschool and kindergarten aged students. They each involve envelopes, clues, and task cards to solve the puzzle. These mini games  include an early finisher page as well. Finally, they are designed for students to complete within ten minutes during for a math or literacy center. To snag our easy prep mini games click here for more information.

Big Escape Rooms for Kids

We also offer large printable escape room games that take between twenty minutes and an hour for students to solve. These activities are great for classroom parties, whole class rewards, or to make a special announcement like a gender reveal! However, these big solve the room activities take some time to prep for the entire class, but these rooms include more clues and puzzles and integrate different subjects too. Most of our big crack the code games include math, literacy, and social studies concepts. For more information on our big escape rooms check them out here.

If you are not looking for  a printable escape room check out our digital crack the code mystery activities for students to play and enjoy too check out our digital game selection. Our digital sets use the Boom Learning platform and we have options for preschool and crack the code activities up to third grade. To see our digital rooms which are no prep and are great for centers click here.

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