Addition games Digital and Printable for Adding within 10

adding within 10 game bundle shows a printable game board of adding and shows a digital escape room for addition factsIntroducing the Addition Games Printable and Digital: Adding within 10, a comprehensive collection of kindergarten math games that focus on addition up to 10. This bundle is designed to enhance student engagement in your kindergarten math centers or serve as a fun, standalone activity. With minimal to no preparation required, these kindergarten math games and escape room bundle are the perfect supplement to your existing math curriculum. This package includes over 40 unique addition math centers and activities that are both printable and digital!

The Ultimate Kindergarten Math Games Pack

This pack is your one-stop solution for interactive and enjoyable learning experiences. It includes an exciting escape room activity and a plethora of printable games, all designed to seamlessly integrate into your math centers. These resources are designed to foster critical thinking skills, problem-solving strategies, and boost confidence in math among your students.

The escape rooms included in this pack is not only engaging but also promotes teamwork among students as they race against time to solve problems.

What’s Included:

Here is a break down of all these fun math addition games you get in this download in the printable portion:

  • Addition Escape Room
  • 10 Connect Four Printable Games and Dice
  • 18 Addition Game Boards
  • 4 Printable Matching Activities for adding within 10

Whether you’re seeking engaging activities for your math centers or want to provide your students with diverse opportunities to practice and reinforce their addition skills up to 10, these kindergarten math games are an excellent choice!


shows a printable addition within 10 escape room where students have to add, write the numbers, and find the hidden words in each envelopeSetting up the Addition Escape Room is straightforward. Simply print out a student record page for each student, the task cards (all in black and white), and early finisher tracing pages. Cut out the task cards (12 in total) along with the clues. Follow the step-by-step directions to place the clues in the correct envelopes – you’ll need five envelopes in total, which can be reused for future mini escape rooms. This is a mini escape room which should be completed in 10 minutes or less!

Digital Addition within 10 Escape Room Games

digital color by code game where students add within 10
This package includes two escape rooms and digital hunts math facts interactive games for kids. Each game features 30 math fact questions, totaling 60 addition math fact questions. As students solve each problem, they progress through a map, collecting objects, earning ribbons, and ultimately completing the game!

Digital Space Theme Addition within 10 Games

This space-themed digital math facts resource includes six different interactive games. Each game features 20 math fact questions, totaling 120 addition math fact questions. As students solve each problem, more of the picture is revealed.

Google Slide Digital Adding Within 10

If you use Google Slides, simply click on each link to automatically play each game. These games can be shared with your students or used as a whole class activity. They are perfect for math centers, early finisher activities, homework, distance learning days and more.

Interactive PDF Digital Addition Math Fact Game

If you prefer using the interactive PDF version, all you need to do is download the PDFs on each device. These games can be played without internet access and are perfect for road trips!

Key Features of these Digital math games

digital game board for adding within 10Ready to hear about the benefits of these easy to use digital games? Here are some benefits of using them in your classroom:

  • Each game is self-checking so students can immediately see if they got the right answer. 
  • Includes six different digital color-by-code games with 20 adding questions per game. 
  • Includes certificates for each math game.
  • No prep and easy to use in your classroom with or without internet access.
  • Interactive and engaging for students to color in each digital space picture.
  • A total of 120 questions for students to practice math fact fluency.

In conclusion, this bundle of addition games and centers is an invaluable resource for reviewing adding within 10 throughout the year. Your class will undoubtedly enjoy these games and math centers.

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