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Looking for a fun alphabet and beginning sound activity for your students? Why not try these hands on alphabet play-dough mats today! They will get so excited about learning their letters, and the best part is that it’s all hands on learning. They can be creative, have fun, and won’t even know they are learning, which will make it all that much better for them! 

Download these Alphabet Play-doh mats here today!

Use these beginning sounds alphabet playdough mats for a fun fine motor literacy center today! It includes over 120 different playdoh mats for your students to learn beginning sounds in a fun hands-on way! This beginning sound activity makes a great literacy center and contains 3-6 pictures for each letter.

Students will create the picture shown on the playdoh mat while recognizing the beginning sound. They will read and create the image with playdough that begins with that letter.

This is also included in the alphabet bundle which includes alphabet mats for each letter and several other hands-on activities for beginning sounds and alphabet recognition. Click here to view the bundle.


Alphabet Card Break Down

Letter A – six cards

Letter B – six cards

Letter C – six cards

Letter D – four cards

Letter E – five cards

Letter F – six cards

Letter G – six cards

Letter H – six cards

Letter I – three cards

Letter J –  four cards

Letter K – three cards

Letter L – five cards

Letter M – six cards

Letter N – four cards

Letter O – four cards

Letter P – six cards

Letter Q – 3 cards

Letter R – six cards

Letter S – six cards

Letter T – six cards

Letter U – four cards

Letter V – four cards

Letter W – six cards

Letter X – three cards

Letter Z – three cards


Download these alphabet play-doh mats for beginning sounds and a great literacy center today! Click here!

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