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Get your students to work together as a team from the start with this Back to School escape room activity pack! Students will solve 6 different clues hidden around the room, complete STEM activities, share about themselves, and learn about the classroom through this fun and unique escape room activity! Heard enough about this fun back to school escape room? Download it here today!



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Why You Should Try Escape Rooms

We love escape rooms and games even in our homeschool routine. Not only is it a fun and interactive way to learn but also it is a great opportunity for kids to practice working together to complete a task. Furthermore, it helps students with time management skills too because each escape room is timed. For more information on why every teacher even homeschoolers should try out escape rooms click here.

How To Use this Back to School Escape Room

  1. First, split your class into different color groups, we recommend a team of 4-5.
  2. Next, print cut, and prep the crack the code activity by playing the clues in the correct envelopes and hide them in the correct area. Each clue says where to hide it so students learn about your room layout too.
  3. Then, gather STEM supplies you will need solo cups, balloons, poster paper, and regular size paper, and for younger grades each group will need a device to scan the QR code.
  4. After, set up the escape room before your students walk into the room. Then explain how it works and the importance of good groups and rules for working together. Finally, have them practice showing teamwork while solving this back to school escape room.

This back to school crack the code activity is perfect for all elementary grade levels. There is one portion for those in lower grades or kids who need the directions read to them. Students will just scan the QR code to listen to the directions and learn about your room. For older elementary grade levels students can read the directions themselves and with the group members.

It is important for classes to learn how to be a good team members and how to collaborate with other classmates. This back to school activity back will do just that! Between solving the room and completing the STEM activities students will need to work together to complete this crack the code puzzle together.

Download this Back to School Escape Room here.

Do you love learning games? Download a printable syllable game for free here.

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