Best Calming Classroom Decor Sets

classroom decor calm and neutral ideas for elementary shows a picture of a classroom Are you looking for calming classroom decor sets with little prep and won’t hurt your budget? Here we share the best 7 classroom decor sets for elementary!

Coffee Lover Decor

the best coffee lover classroom decor set shows a coffee shop crew sign and fully caffeinated for the day signIf you drink coffee every day and your students know your obsession with coffee you will love this full coffee decor set! The simple backgrounds and fonts make it perfect for any elementary classroom. It is ver neutral and has everything you need from calendar sets, banners, birthday charts and more. See it all here.

Simple Neutral Classroom Decor

Maybe you don’t like coffee but you love the look of the coffee shop neutral backgrounds. Check out this classroom decor set with the same background but skinny font too. This neutral set will go well with any wall color your classroom is that you had no control over. Find everything included here.

Blush and Navy Classroom Decor Set

blush and navy classroom decor set shows blush and navy champ sign and number of days in school signWe love a good set of classroom decor with small water colors that are pleasing and don’t make the room too bright and crazy. That is why we love this blush and navy classroom decor set. It has all the goodies along with editable fields to fit the needs of your classroom See the blush and navy decor set here.

Rustic Farmhouse Decor Set

rustic farmhouse classroom decor set shows shape signs and character tagsLooking for a darker farmhouse theme to use as a calm classroom decor for elementary? This rustic farmhouse decor set might be the perfect fit for you! In this set there are multiple options for background colors including this dark shiplap shade and also a burlap set too. The variety of backgrounds make this option unique and gives you a chance to mix and match but still fit within a certain theme. Fine out more here.

Simple Shiplap and Llama Classroom Decor

llama classroom decor set shows a sign about the weather and ready for a llama learning signThere is just something too cute about llamas! This is why we created this calm and neutral llama theme classroom decor set. With our no llama drama posters and calendar set this neutral theme will be perfect for any elementary classroom. You can see everything included here.



Can’t print color? Black and white classroom decor set

black and white plaid classroom decor printable pages shows community jobs and a shape posterMany teachers I know have limited color printing capabilities and do not want to use all the color pages for classroom decor. That is why I created this black and white plaid classroom decor set. It will go with nay classroom colors you have and you can print it all from a black and white printer. Furthermore, black and white are always calming so this might be the perfect tone down set for your class. See the black and white set here.

Watercolor Splosh Classroom Decor Set

cool color classroom decor watercolor set shows community jobs and we are champs signIf you are a big fan of water colors you might love this fun watercolor set that uses cool and calming colors. This watercolor set has everything you need for smooth running morning meetings, classroom jobs, labels and more. See everything included in this watercolor set here.

You might also like Sports theme Classroom Decor Set

sports theme classroom decor shows two signs one says the crowd goes wild for birthdays and team line up for a job chartThis might not be as calming and neutral as the rest but if you have a lot of boys or athletic kids in your classroom this year the sports theme classroom decor set might be the perfect idea for your classroom. It includes a variety of different sports editable nametags, classroom job forms and editable documents too. Check out the sports theme classroom decor set here.

We love a new theme for classroom decor each year. It keeps the classroom fresh for us and gives students some excitement to see the new classroom set of the year. That is why each set is affordable and easy to use.

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