For the Classroom

From classroom decor to helpful resources this has it all!

The Importance of Classroom Decor

Something that most teachers love to do is decorate their classroom at the beginning of each year! Many teachers decide on a theme for the year, and decorate accordingly. While not necessary, this is a great way to show the students what you, as a teacher, are interested in. This can help establish a bond and connection with some students! However, there are several other reasons why classroom decor is important. 


Finding the Right Teacher Planner

As teachers, we all know the importance of staying organized! Organization is imperative so that you can accomplish everything you need to accomplish in order for your students to learn effectively. A great planner like this can help you stay organized, and keep your information in one place for easy access! An editable planner is essential, because as we all know, things change quickly in a classroom! A snow day, a fire drill, or a new student all can cause you to have to shift your paperwork, and editable planners make it easy! 


A Different Way to Grade Homework

Photo of a woman grading papers

In my class I encourage all students to learn and grow one was through homework policy. Growing up, I was the perfectionist. I was so discouraged every time I saw an 87% or 96% instead of a 100%. I never had a chance to change that 87% into a 100% and I know I am not the only person who saw homework that way. When I became a teacher, I made everything different and it works.


Accommodations in the Classroom

Accommodations are easy to implement in the classroom. There are several simple things you can do to accommodate for your student’s needs. Just a reminder accommodation means giving your students the tools they may need to be successful. For example, if a student struggles with reading you may provide them with a recording of the reading. But here are a few extra ways to make accommodations in your classroom.


Tips for Back to School Set Up for Teachers

The back to school season is a daunting task! You may be moving to a new room, or have a vastly different number of students from year to year. It’s always hard to strike a balance between limited setup time and making your classroom a great-looking place to be. Setting up your classroom for a new school year can be a great opportunity to reflect on what worked well and what needed improvement in the previous year. Was your room messy or organized? Did you have good systems in place for turning in work and making transitions? Let’s take a look at some tips and tricks for your setup so that your classroom continues to run smoothly all year!


Summer Learning is Important

The summer months may seem short, but statistics show that students lose about 30% of their knowledge from the previous school year during the summer. Now I do think summer is a great break but there are several things you can do to prevent that 30% decrease and ways to keep learning over summer.


Reasons to Differentiate Morning Work

Imagine every morning students are working hard, already learning, and the teacher is finishing last minute prep work for the day. However, in reality it most students are asking a zillion questions will the teacher is trying to prep these last few activities for the day. Does this sound like your morning? This was mine until I started differentiating their morning work.