Christmas Activities for Toddlers

Looking for engaging Christmas activities for toddlers this holiday season? Check out this comprehensive list of Christmas craft ideas, activities, and more! Your child or student will love these!

Christmas Tree Ornament Craft

This is such an easy Christmas activity and incorporates fine motor skills too! First, take a pipe cleaner and have your child or student thread beads on it. Then create a triangle out of it. Finally, hang it up on a Christmas tree!

Editable Christmas Play-dough

This is easy (yet super sticky so be cautious) and taste safe! Heat up 6 marshmallows and 2 tsp of coconut oil in the microwave. Next, stir in food coloring of your choice  and 4 T of cornstarch. Mix well and poof you have your marshmallow play-dough!

Santa Christmas Craft

This is another great Christmas activity that combines fine motor skills too! Cut out a circle and a red hat. Glue together and add on some eyes and a cherry nose. Next, have your child or student cut the bottom for his fluffy beard. By using scissors this adds an extra element of fine motor development!

Christmas Tree

Easily create a Christmas tree window craft with popsicle sticks and paper! This is super easy for toddlers and it’s so much fun to do it together!

Gnome Craft Idea

I don’t know about you but we sure love gnomes over here! This easy gnome activity takes little supplies. Just paper and cotton balls and a skin color pom-pom.

Easy Santa Hat Craft

Paint wooden craft sticks and glue on small pom-poms. This is super easy for your toddlers to complete!

Santa Craft Idea

My toddler is obsessed with Santa so we do a ton of Santa crafts. This one I find comical. Santa is stuck in the chimney! Just use construction paper, glue, and scissors! Then, you can also talk about what would happen next and how to get Santa out of the chimney. It is a great way to incorporate problem solving skills.

Christmas Sensory Bin

We love sensory play and make sure to have a sensory bin set up in our table every day. Here is one of our favorite Christmas sensory bins with engaging math learning activities! To see this learning activity in action click here!

Paper Plate Christmas Tree

This is super easy and super fun! First, paint a paper plate all green. Then cut it into three triangles. Make sure each triangle is a different size. Then, glue the paper plate together to make a tree. Finally, decorate it!


Santa Letter Writing Activity

If you’re writing letters to Santa this year, you can use this FREE download to pick the perfect paper! Click here for more information!

Gingerbread Sensory Bin

December is the perfect time to do a Gingerbread Sensory Bin! This bin does get a little messy, but it smells SO good and is a blast for kids! (You can also add these FREE gingerbread size order cards to increase the learning!) Read more here!


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