Printable Christmas Activities for Preschoolers and Toddlers

Shows reindeer with ornaments for a counting activity and two letter activitiesDecember is such a magical time for children. That is why we have fun printable Christmas activities for preschoolers just for you! From games and printable math and literacy activities your kids will love these fun activities. You’ll love how many skills they will practice and learn about even during the craziest of the holiday season. Everything we share here is found in our Christmas bundle which you can purchase here.

Printable Christmas Games

First of all, we have several fun printable Christmas games that your preschoolers and toddlers will love! Here we share three of our favorite printable games.

Printable Christmas Dice Game

Shows a gingerbread house with a dice and objects to roll and findThe printable Christmas dice game is very low prep and fun. First of all, you will print, laminate, and cut out the small pieces. Then, students will roll the dice and see which object they need to place on the find it mat. 

This activity is so good for kids because it helps strengthen their working memory. It might seem simple but there is a lot of cognitive development going on while playing this printable Christmas dice game. Secondly, playing this dice game enhances visual discrimination between objects which each child will need for learning letters and reading. In addition, this game is so much fun that students will enjoy playing so it is a great way to learn through play and practice necessary skills. Finally, playing this game will help kids with new tasks and multi step tasks too. Snag this find it game here!

Printable Christmas Escape Room Game

Shows the letters a,b,c,d on Santa bags and kids sort picture cards based on the letter it starts withEscape rooms is one of our favorite ways to learn through play and increase critical thinking skills too. This printable Christmas game is a letter escape room. First of all, kids will sort objects by beginning letter sounds. The uniqueness about this game is you can use just the letters that your students know already. For example, if your child knows the letters in their name and the sounds they make you can play the escape room with just those letters! There are two different versions of this game based on your students.  In addition, this game includes a bonus color by code printable for identifying capital and lowercase letters. Our printable Christmas escape room is super easy to set up and reuse as a center activity for sorting sounds too. Finally, this is an easy game to set up for a Christmas class party or at home too. Check out more information and a video about this escape room here. 


Printable Christmas Activities for Preschoolers

In addition to our games, we also have this fun worksheet free pack of printable Christmas activities for preschoolers and toddlers. Each activity you can use all month long and practice a variety of skills. 

Printable Christmas Fine Motor Activities

Shows tracing lines for kids to traceFine motor skills are an important for writing and strengthening hand muscles. There are several activities in this Christmas printable pack that includes fine motor skills, if you would like to learn more about the importance of fine motor skills click here.

First of all, there are twenty four tracing mats which will enhance fine motor skills. Secondly, the Christmas play dough mats are a great way to improve fine motor skills too. Also, using clothes pins to pick the correct answer and shape matching activity also will help with fine motor developement. 


Printable Christmas Literacy Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Besides reading there are many important literacy skills toddlers and preschoolers can work on to help improve their reading comprehension and writing abilities later on in their educational career. For example, this printable Christmas pack includes sequencing of events activities. Students will figure out what comes next in the sequence cards. Which helps with story structure for reading and writing. Also, letter recognition and matching are important too. There are find and cover letter mats for each letter in this pack. See more here.


Printable Christmas Math Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Shows the number two using play dough and Christmas items with 2 of each There are many math skills toddlers and preschoolers can do at this age and this pack includes everything you need for December. For example, kids this age can learn numbers 0-10. In this bundle there are forty four clip cards for numbers 0-10 and play dough mats for 0-10 as well. In addition, students will practice number recognition on a tens frame and counting quantities. Besides counting students will also work on shapes with this Christmas bundle. There are twenty four shape puzzles for circle, square, rectangle, oval, triangle, hexagon, star, and heart. In addition, there are shape activities that include a fine motor element as well. 

In conclusion, these fun printable Christmas games and activities are great for toddlers and preschoolers. Students will increase fine motor skills, enhance their memory ability, practice literacy and math concepts, along with several other skills they will need before they go to kindergarten. To see everything in this Christmas printable bundle check it all out here.


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