Free Daily Schedule for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Imagine not having any idea what you would be doing each day. Most people set their alarms with the intent that they have to go to work or get things done at home.  They have a routine that they follow and they know what to expect.  It helps life move more smoothly.  Toddlers, like adults, need to understand what is happening next.  Visual schedules for home are a great way to help your little one transition from one activity to the next. Click here to download a free visual schedule for your toddler!

a schedule with picture cards for toddlers

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Picture Schedule for toddlers

Visual schedules are a type of support that helps communication between the parents and child.  Adults may read an email, look at their calendar or a to-do list to plan their day.  Littles need to see things in order to understand it more.  Plus by providing a visual schedule your toddler can see what is happening today and it also gives them choices too!

Helping your kiddo “picture it” makes it so much easier for them and for you!  Visual schedules are a sequence of photos, pictures, symbols, and texts that show what someone needs to do.  They can take different forms and be very specific for that particular day, or it can be a general list of events that typically occur daily.  

Using Visual Schedules at Home

Think about the activities you do each day with your preschooler and the order in which you do them.  For example, brushing teeth, getting dressed, eating breakfast, sensory play time, reading, etc.  Since young children have difficulty remembering a long list of verbal instructions, you can help them by using graphic cues.  

Having a picture to refer to is a kid friendly way to help your child learn valuable skills.  Visual schedules for preschoolers help them learn what tasks are coming up next.  This develops a sense of routine that little ones need so much.  

By using the visual schedule at home you will be teaching independent skills:  your little one can look at the poster or chart himself to see what happens after breakfast.  You’ll be teaching academic skills such as sequencing, number recognition (if you number your tasks), and language development.  Social skills are enhanced because your kiddo will learn patience and avoid those meltdowns when playtime doesn’t happen immediately.

Setting up your own Visual Schedule  

Maybe you’re thinking, “I just can’t picture how to do this.”  You’re in luck because I’ve created a freebie for you!  Click here to download a free visual schedule with over 60 cards today!

You will get 48 visual cards to use to create a full day schedule or a morning/afternoon schedule.  Simply print out your resource and set up the tasks on a poster to display for your child. 

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