Days of Creation Activities

This is a complete Bible pack for preschoolers and kindergartners to learn the Days of Creation. The hands on pack is easy to use and connects Bible lessons with hands-on learning experiences. You can use this in your Sunday school or homeschool, even if you are just starting out as a child care worker or teacher and you know nothing about teaching or the Bible; this pack will help guide you through the process of teaching God’s word.

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Days of Creation Activities


Engage with scripture with these Days of Creation Bible Lesson Activities. Grow them up in the Lord’s word with these hands-on Days of Creation activities that you can use again and again. The main focus is God created everything. Store the majority of this Bible lesson pack in a photo storage box for easy access. Use this Bible lesson and activities year-round too!

Days of Creation Bible Lesson and Activities Include:

  • 24 Playdough mats (God created…)
  • 7 Sentence puzzles one for each of the 7 days
  • 7 mini lessons
  • Interactive Days of Creation velcro book
  • God created _____ a-z letter cards 26 capital letter cards and 26 lowercase letter cards
  • Capital and lowercase letter matching mats
  • Fine Motor Days of Creation threading activity
  • Number card mats with ten frames
  • Number clip cards 1-10
  • Shape matching mini mat
  • Memory verse
  • Interactive notebook insert or flap book! focuses on syllables, rhyming words, 7 days of creation

Download it here today!

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