Engaging Letter Recognition and Beginning Sound Digital Games

digital alphabet games for kids shows the letter a where kids need to find the letter a and make the letter a out of digital pom pomsCheck out this digital letter recognition and beginning sound games! Perfect for homeschool on the go or digital learning centers in the classroom. This digital download uses the Boom Learning platform which you can set up a free account and use! Not only will kids practice letter recognition but also there are two letter sounds activities too!

With just a click, students will be able to build each letter with pom-poms and find the corresponding letter on each card. There are 52 build a letter cards in one deck for each capital and lowercase letter. A great way to practice letter recognition.

As they go through each letter of the alphabet, they will find all the pictures that start with the given letter. Completing each card will earn them a cat body part or a caterpillar body part. After finishing all the cards, they can make three different cats or caterpillars based on the body parts they have earned.

The best part about these Boom task cards is that they are self-grading, which means less work for you! You’ll be able to use this data to drive your instruction and see what letters you need to teach.

These cards are highly interactive and will keep your students engaged as they hunt for each letter of the alphabet. 

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