End of the School Year Activities

End of the year activities and games shows a paper that says your name will miss you

The end of the school year is a time for reflection and celebration and it is a great time to make school extra fun with end of the school year activities and games. It is a time to look back at all of the beautiful things your kids have done and prepare for new adventures. There are so many fun things you can do to celebrate the end of the school year, but it can be tough to know where to start. So read on and get ready to celebrate! We have put together a list of some of our favorite end of the school year activities. Whether you are looking for something educational or want fun, we have something for everyone.

End of The School Year Activities: Editable  Escape Room 

Escape rooms are a physical puzzle game in which players are locked in a room and must use clues and strategies to escape. This end of the year activity escape room is a great way to review math and literacy concepts and provides a fun way for teachers to tell their students they will miss them! This escape room includes two versions so you can differentiate or use the game for multiple grade levels. Also, you can easily set up this escape room for preschool, kindergarten, and first-grade students. There are QR codes for students to scan, so you do not have to explain every clue to them! Finally, this editable escape room is a perfect way to put your name and other teachers at your school.

Escape Room Clues

shows a coded message with a qr code for students to scan for directions each letter is a picture clueFirst of all, students will solve math questions. There are a total of five different clues for students to solve. Depending on which escape room you pick, students will practice shape identification, comparing sizes or measuring objects to the nearest half-inch, and answering fraction questions. Each task card includes a QR code for easy instructions.

Secondly, students will decode a secret message using a doodle code. They will need to solve the secret message and unscramble the letters to spell two words. Again, this clue includes a QR code for easy instructions.

Next, students will solve a science clue to determine what plants and animals need to survive. Now, this clue will take a bit more setup, but it also makes the escape room more fun and hands-on. Then, they will create their animal and a new habitat for their animal to survive. The habitat will need shelter, food, and a water source to move on to the next clue. Once students can figure out the three things they need to survive, a STEM activity comes! 

Finally, students will get the final note which puts all the clues and pieces together. The result will say Your Name will miss you so much! It is such a fun way to tell your students that you will miss them and a fun end of the school year game for your students! Click here to snag this escape room today!

How to Set Up This End of the Year Game

Setting up an escape room may seem overwhelming, but this end of the year game is super easy! First of all, you will separate your kids into small groups. Second, for each group, you will need a different color marker. Each color marker signifies one group. When students complete the escape room, they can only grab their envelope, which is their assigned color. Next, each group will also need a set of each clue. If you have five groups, you will print off five sets of each clue. Then, follow the instructions to set up each envelope. Finally, on the game day, hide the clues, set up some STEM supplies, and you are ready to go! The instructions and clues are easy to use!

Benefits of this Last Day of School Escape Room 

End of the year activities and games shows a paper that says your name will miss youThere are many benefits of escape rooms in the classroom. First of all, this escape room is editable, making it unique to you and them. The game will inform students you will miss them next year. Consider it a final send-off as your students move to the next grade. Secondly, this last day of school games promotes student collaboration. Students will need to complete the clues and learn how to work together to meet a common goal. When students cannot work together, they will not complete the escape room game in time to “get out.” Also, this game includes two versions, so you can adapt it to your students’ needs, differentiate the game, and pick the right one for your students. Finally, this last day of school activity is a great way to review math, literacy, and science standards, fun and hands-on. Ready to try it out? Learn more here!

What Others Say About this End of The School Year Activity

“This is so much fun! I love the QR codes so that I can watch my students focus so hard on solving this puzzle. Such a fun way to tell my class that I will miss them. Thank you!”

“This is just beyond amazing!!!! Thank you so much for your hard work! We love it!”

Grab it today here!

End of the Year Memory Activity

This fun activity is also great for the end of the school year! It allows students to reflect on the past year and how much they have learned! Students will create bracelets with certain colors that remind them of specific things they did throughout the year. For example, students will put a pink bead on their bracelets for a particular STEM activity. Also, students can place a yellow bead for a new friend they made. This end of the year activity is unique for each student and allows everyone to share different memories throughout the year. Finally, students can share these fun, meaningful bracelet memories with their families over the summer! Click here to snag this end of the year activity!

What Others Say About the End of the Year Memory Activity

“My students and I loved this resource. We had so much fun talking about the year together, and it was a great way to reflect and talk about certain memories. I also loved the little reminder that we had together as we went into summer.”

“My class LOVED this activity! It was fun to list all our memories, and students enjoyed selecting their favorite memories to personalize their bracelets. I can’t wait to use it again next year!”

End of the Year No-Prep Activities

The end of the school year is exhausting! So, these no-prep printables and memory book is a great way to engage students with fun puzzles and games without all the work! Students will review essential math and literacy skills through fun activities, game boards, and puzzles. Students will also love the end of school year memory book as they create a keepsake of their favorite school year memories, friends, and teacher. Click here to grab these no-prep end of the year worksheet activities.

Free Interactive End of the Year Notebook

If you still need something else for the last day of school and the end of the year celebration, try out this free interactive end of the year notebook by Julie Davis! This is an excellent way for your students to reflect on their school year and all the great memories and the many things they learned. Students will create a mini accordion Flippy Flap Memory Book with various activities to help them remember special times of the school year. It includes several end of the year activities! Click here to learn more!

End of the Year Craft Idea

Finally, we love this end of the school year craft and writing project by Sunshine and Lollipops! Students will color and build their summer person relaxing in an innertube and write about their summer. This is a great craft idea for an end of the year activity! Click here to check it out!

The end of the year is a time for celebration, and we hope that this last day of the school escape room, memory activities, craft activity, and no-prep end of the year printables will help you wrap up the school year in fun and excitement. We’ve created an editable version of this escape room so that you can customize it to fit your own classroom needs, and we’ve included all the instructions you need to get started right away. So download it now and let the games begin! Grab the escape room here today!

These end of the school year activities are so much fun! Which one will you try? Let us know in a comment below!

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