Fall Sensory Bin Ideas

There’s something magical about Fall!  The leaves changing colors, the coolness in the air, and all the fun possibilities!  I’ve put together four fall themed sensory bins that will keep even the busiest toddler entertained.  Trust me, I speak from experience!  Like all my bins, you can pick these items up from the Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, or even your own house.

Apple Pie Sensory Bin (not edible)

oatmeal, cinnamon sticks, and fake apples in a sensory bin  

The base for this sensory bin is dried oatmeal.  I like to use different bases so the littles can feel, smell, and see the different varieties.  One of the best parts of Autumn are the amazing smells!  That’s what makes this bin even better.  I used fake apples and cinnamon sticks so my little one could make “pretend” apple pies.  We discussed what to put in the pie first, next, and last to reinforce sequencing (order words).  You can use different colored apples and sort by color.  The apples could also be used to compare sizes.  Count the sticks and see which stick is longer or shorter.  A wooden spoon would be a great way to sift and move the items around.  The cinnamon sticks could also be used to form shapes in the bin.  Three sticks for a triangle, and four sticks for a square. There are so many sensory learning ideas within this bin!

Fall Noodle Bin

Dyed noodles orange and green including some hobby lobby gems that are pumpkin shapedThis next bin is great for sorting, counting, and language development.  The base is dyed shell noodles which give that pop of Fall color.  I added lentils and different size colored gems from Hobby Lobby.  You can alter the activities for little ones under two by letting them scoop items into a cup and into another bin or pan.  This will help them develop fine motor skills which is so important at this age.  For preschoolers I like to use tweezers for sorting and grasping the items.  The different gems can be sorted by shapes, size, and colors.  If  your little ones hands aren’t able to grasp the tweezer then use a small measuring cup to scoop the items onto the floor or another bin.  I like to use words like shiny, sparkling, clear, and smooth to help with language development.  The tiny lentils will provide a fun challenge to separate from the bin with tweezers.  Tell your toddler to take the bigger items out and work their way down to the tiny lentils.  You can even dye the noodles different colors of fall then sort them! There are tons of learning opportunities inside this Autumn sensory bin! 

Squash and Pinecone bin


lentil beans, pinecones, and squash sensory bin

My little one loved playing gardener with this fun filled fall sensory bin.  Small plastic rakes are ideal for “raking” the garden that’s filled with pinto beans, fake squash, and pine cones.  We count the pinecones and arrange in a line from smallest to largest.  Next, I talk about the different shapes of the squash.  I talk about the textures of the different items:  smooth, bumpy, and rough.  If you like the taste of squash, you could end play time with a snack prepared the way you like it!

Falling Leaves Sensory Bin

corn, fake fall leaves, and leaf hobby lobby gemsThe bright colors of this last bin will fascinate Toddlers and Preschoolers!  Fill the bin with a base of popcorn kernels, fake leaves, and gems from Hobby Lobby to keep your little one entertained.  This is great opportunity to talk about Fall and the changing of the leaves.  Discuss the seasons and the changes that occur in Autumn.  Littles will love dropping the leaves  from the sky to scatter around.  Use a plastic rake or shovel to sort the items.  I describe the colors that are on the leaves and compare it to the gems that are in the bin.  Put all the orange items in one pile, put the yellow things in another pile.  This will reinforce color identification.  Counting the gems or leaves forwards and backwards for the older ones will be keep them busy, too.  Like all the other  fall themed toddler bins I’ve described, you can provide learning and play time without spending very much.  

Is your child ready to include learning activities with their sensory bin? Click here for free fall shape activities! 

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