Free Letter A Worksheets

free letter a worksheets shows a persons hand putting shapes to make the lowercase letter aIntroducing our Free Letter A Activities! These activities are perfect for kindergarten and preschool students who are just starting to learn the sound and recognize the letter A. Our 12 no prep printables are designed to make learning fun and engaging for young learners.

Free Download of Letter A Activities Include:

include a variety of exercises that help children practice the sound of the letter A and letter recognition. These activities are perfect for both classroom and home use,1 and require no preparation

  1. Trace each capital and lowercase letter. At the bottom of several pages students will practice tracing and letter formation of the letter A.
  2. Kids and students will make the letter A with pom-poms and trace the letter.
  3. Playdough mats to make the letter A out of playdough.
  4. Popsicle sticks printable to create the letter with sticks.
  5. Find the letter and write it worksheet. Students will search for the letter trace, and write it all on their own.
  6. Students will make the letter out of shapes, adding this makes it fun and more hands-on.

There are lowercase pages and capital letter pages for kids to practice both!

So why wait? Download our Free Letter A Activities today and start helping your child or student learn their letters today!

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