Free Play-dough Number Mats

free number mats shows the number 2 made with playdough and painted


We all know that kids love play-dough. And we also know that kids learn best through hands-on exploration. So, what better way to teach counting and math concepts than by combining play-dough with number mats? These free printables are a great way to get organized and have some fun learning at the same time. Just download, print, and get creative!


  • Free number mats (click here)
  • Laminator
  • Dry erase marker
  • Paint
  • Q-tip
  • Playdough

Number Mats 0-10

Easily use this as a morning activity while you make your child breakfast or apart of their homeschooling routine. First, give your child some play-dough and have them make then number of the day and put it on the mat. Also, your child can put play-dough or small objects in the tens frame. Next, give your child some paint and a q-tip to paint in each bubble for the written number word. This is great for fine motor practice! Then, give your child a dry erase marker to trace the written word and to draw a picture of that many objects.

Why Use These Number Mats

Kids learn best through interactive lessons and activities. When using this counting mat your child will use play-dough and paint which will make this super engaging and fun! In addition, each mat exposes your child to tally marks, the number on a dice, written number word, domino number, and the large number in general. They will see the connection between the dice, tally marks, number, and written number word too! In addition, your child will also use their fine motor skills and increase the development of fine muscles by using these counting mats.

​​The play-dough mats are perfect for children who need to practice counting, recognizing numbers 1-10 and practicing their fine motor skills. If you want your child or student to grow up with strong math skills, it’s important that they have the opportunity to engage in activities like these! We hope the free play-dough mats and download for free here!


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