Halloween Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Shows different shapes of pumpkins in a sensory binFall is one of our favorite seasons around here! Cooler weather and fun themed learning activities! That is why we have created this fun pumpkin shape freebie for preschool and kindergarten students! This easy to prep and use pack contains three different activities and centers. Ready to download this pumpkin shape freebie set? Click here!

Pumpkin Shape Mat

This fun pumpkin shape mat is great for a puzzle sensory bin activity. We love placing the shape cards into a pumpkin themed sensory bin. The one above is dyed orange noodles and dyed green lentil beans. Once the sensory bin is made just place the pumpkin shape cards in the bin. Next, have kids match the pumpkin shape to the black and white shape mat. This creates a matching puzzle game!

Shows shape mats of pumpkins to match, clip cards, and shape names to tracePumpkin Shape Clip Cards

Also, this freebie includes pumpkin shape cards! There are 10 different cards. First, laminate and cut out each card. Next, place at a center table with clothespins which helps with those fine motor skills and allow your kids to match the pumpkin shape to a currect color shape. Which is shown in the image here!

Pumpkin Shape Words

Finally, this freebie includes tracing shape words. There are 8 cards for students to trace the written shape word. This is great for practicing vocabulary.

Download this freebie here today! 

This pumpkin shape freebie includes three different activities to practice basic 2D shapes. If you are looking for fun Halloween party ideas and more printables and sensory bin ideas make sure to click here! 

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