The Best free snowman color matching activity for kids

free snowman activities for preschoolers shows two snowmen one with a yellow hat and one with a blue hat to match buttons

The freshly fallen snow and cold winter days mean one thing: more time indoors and less time outside playing. Finding fun activities to do indoors is hard that is why we made this fun free snowman activities for preschool kids and toddlers that you can use to teach sorting, math, and literacy concepts! Grab it here!

The Best Free Snowman Activities for Preschool and Toddlers Ideas

Our free snowman activities for preschool is great for kids to practice sorting, matching, and counting! Kids will match the snowman’s button to his hat and scarf. This snowman activity includes over 12 different colored snowmen to match buttons. In addition, this includes buttons to match to each snowman. 

free snowman activities for preschoolers shows two snowmen one with a yellow hat and one with a blue hat to match buttonsAlso, you can use other objects to match each snowman. First of all, you can use real buttons to match. In addition, you can use pom-poms, or dyed chickpeas too. Each of these objects is a great way to increase fine motor skills to strengthen those hands for later! Learn more about fine motor skills here.

How to Use this Freebie

Easily use this snowman color-matching freebie any day! Just print, laminate, and cut out all the snowman mats and buttons. Next, place inside a sensory bin such as our winter sensory bin ideas. Next, invite your class or child to play a matching game with the snowmen and buttons. This activity is super simple and fun for kids!

In addition to matching, students can count the buttons too! Once all of the buttons or pom-poms match each snowman allow each child to count the buttons. Also, you can add some buttons of each color but not all. For example, place 3 yellow buttons and 2 orange buttons in the sensory bin for working on yellow and orange. Next, have students match the colors. Then count the buttons and compare the amounts. Which one has more? Which one has less? This is a great activity to practice basic math skills. For more advanced students you can also ask how many orange and yellow buttons are there altogether. For simple addition practice. Also, you can ask how many more buttons does the yellow snowman have over the orange snowman? To practice basic subtraction too. All of these skills are great for kids to learn and develop those basic math concepts. 

Furthermore, each snowman has the written color word that matches the snowman’s hat and scarf. You can use the color words to practice phonics skills such as beginning letter sounds. For an extended activity, kids can put the colored words in alphabetical order too. In addition to phonics, practice breaking up each color word into syllables and sort them based on the number of syllables. This is a great skill to learn how to sound out words and help them as them write and read too. Finally, make sure to use phonics as your basic building blocks for teaching color words. Snag this fun free snowman activities for preschool here!

In conclusion, snowman activities for preschoolers and toddlers are a great way to learn the building blocks of math and literacy concepts. We know your kids will love these activities too so make sure to grab them here and start using it today!

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