Halloween Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

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Ready for some spooktacular Halloween preschool activities. Here we have everything you need to make learning fun this October. Everything here is excellent for two to five-year-olds and can quickly adapt for younger students. Whether you are homeschooling or looking for a Halloween preschool center ideas, keep on reading for fun October activities for preschoolers printable and DIY activities too. Here you will find printable fun to use year after year, sensory bin ideas, craft projects, science activities, and games all for the month of October.


Printable Halloween themed Activities

Our Halloween activities for preschoolers printable version is very hands-on and worksheet free (Download these activities here!) We combine fine motor activities along with math and literacy skills to develop a complete curriculum for toddlers and preschool students. In this printable Halloween activity pack, you will find several different activities. First, toddlers and preschoolers will trace lines to help the witch get to her broom. This is a great way to practice finger grip on a dry erase marker or pencil and to help strengthen fine motor skills.

playdough mats of halloween items like hat, ghost, candy corn, and spiderNext, this Halloween activities for toddlers and preschoolers printable pack contains Halloween themed puzzle mats that you can differentiate for your kids. For example, easily uses these October activities for toddlers by printing out the color mats two times. Then the toddlers can match each piece by matching the colors and the direction of the puzzle pieces. To differentiate for preschoolers, you can use the color mat and the black and white mats. This way, students will make the puzzle, but the pieces are more complex since it is black and white. Print the color version out for older students who are ready for a challenge and give no guidelines for them. This is a great way to challenge students.

shows different color ghosts and cards where toddlers have to match the color of the image to the correct ghostFurthermore, this Halloween activity for toddlers and preschoolers includes color-matching activities. To play this Halloween game, students will feed the ghosts the correct color to match objects. There are many different colors for kids to match and play. Make sure to download these activities here!

playdough mats of halloween items like hat, ghost, candy corn, and spiderThere are several mats included in this Halloween activity for preschoolers printable pack. In addition, kids will love these Halloween themed playdough mats! Each student will make a Halloween image out of play dough. This is a great activity for fine motor skills and development. We use these Halloween playdough mats in our morning tub daily to activate our fine motor skills. Learn more about fine motor skills and the importance of developing those muscles here.

shows two letter mats h and c where kids cover up the correct letter in a witch's pot Next, we come to the literacy section of these Halloween activities for preschoolers printable pack. There is an editable web spelling activity to practice sight words, spelling words, names, objects, and more. Also, there is a witch stew activity where students will find all the letters A-Z uppercase and lowercase to make the witch a special stew! Use Halloween mini erasers, spiders, bats, or other hands-on manipulatives to cover up the correct letters.

shows counting clip cards, candy corn number puzzles, and counting matsFinally, this Halloween activities for preschoolers printable pack, includes several math activities! Kids will complete candy corn counting activities by looking at tens frames, tally marks, and the written number. These clip cards make a great math center. Also, there are counting mats for 0-10 where they will match and count again but will build candy corn. In addition to counting, there are Halloween shape mats too. You will find Halloween shape matching activities. For example, there will be a star shape strip where the star looks like a spider. Then, kids will discover the other Halloween images in the shape of a star and place them onto the star shape strip.

shows halloween shape images and kids have to match themWe love these Halloween activities for preschoolers printable activities and use them for the entire month of October. Since there are ten different activities and several parts for each of those ten centers, we split it into three daily activities and will repeat them throughout the month. This is perfect for my three year old. Download these Halloween activities for preschoolers printable pack today by clicking here. Print once, laminate, and use for years.

Halloween Activities for Toddlers

If you are like us, we also like to add more than printables into our homeschooling routine. Here you will find some fun Halloween Activities for toddlers and preschoolers!

First of all, try out some fizzy pumpkin ice! Use pumpkin shape molds and freeze water along with baking soda. Make sure to use a drop of orange food coloring for extra colors. Then after it is frozen solid, place the pumpkin ice cubes in a tray or sensory bin. Next, have your child use a condiment bottle, a squirt bottle, or droppers to add vinegar to the tray. When the vinegar hits the frozen baking soda ice, it will immediately start to fizz. This is a great way to teach chemical reactions. To experiment and make predictions, you can add more science by freezing the pumpkin ice with other household things like corn starch, baking powder, etc. This is a fun Halloween activity for toddlers.

shows a sensory bin full of black beans and colorful bats, pom-poms, witch fingers, and spidersAnother activity is making a sensory bin with dried black beans and spiders. Next, add some other bugs into the sensory bin and create a web on top of the container with tape and string to make a spider web. Next, give your child some tweezers to rescue the other bugs from the spiders. As they save the bugs, quickly turn this into a math activity by counting the bugs they rescue. In addition to math, using the tweezers and tape make this a fun, hands-on Halloween activity to increase those fine motor skills! If you like the sounds of this activity, you can find more spider theme and math activities here!

Furthermore, another fun fine motor activity plus math is feeding the ghost. You can even start this fun activity with the craft portion, which is a double win! First, take a toilet paper roll and paint it white to turn into a ghost, and make sure to paint or draw some eyes and a mouth. Next, place the ghost craft into a sensory bin with either black beans or something more taste safe like oatmeal. Then, add some black and orange pom-poms to the sensory bin with the ghost craft. Finally, give your kiddo some sensory tools like tweezers, spoons, or something to pick up the pom-poms and feed them to the ghost toilet paper roll craft. If you are looking for more Halloween craft ideas, check out this post here for Halloween crafts for preschoolers and toddlers to keep your child engaged and learning all month long.

Also, we love to make glitter slime. It is so simple and easy to do! We use this glitter slime recipe; we use the purple glitter glue and add some Halloween confetti and objects. This is an excellent fine motor activity too. Unsure why we continue to talk about the importance of fine motor skills? Learn more here on the importance.

Finally, we absolutely love sensory bins, especially seasonal ones. We use black beans, black and orange pomp-poms, witch fingers, colorful bats, and those spider rings throughout October. We mix up the bins between those items mentioned above and use different things for the base (like black beans) to keep kids interest. Since October is pumpkin season and the pumpkin patch is a big deal, too, we snag some extra pumpkins and complete some pumpkin sensory activities. This is a great Halloween activity for toddlers and preschoolers. You can find our pumpkin sensory play ideas here! Wondering why we continue to talk about sensory bins? Learn the importance of them here.

We love these Halloween activities for toddlers and preschoolers and continue to do these each year! All of the Halloween activities are great for developing fine motor skills, fun crafts to do together, and science! Science is one of our favorite ways to learn about the world. Try out some of these activities this Halloween season.

Halloween Games for Pre-k

shows kids throwing a ball at a stack of cups that look like ghostsLearning through play is essential, and we stress making this a fun learning environment for all students. Here are our favorite Halloween games for Prek and toddlers. You must try these out with your class or your homeschool routine. Let’s bring back the fun again!

Easily DIY this fun Halloween game for prek and toddlers. Create a giant pumpkin made from a poster board, color in some eyes. Then, grab some black construction paper and cut out different mouths for the pumpkin. Next, play the pumpkin version of pin the tail on the donkey. Kids always love this game!

Another fun Halloween game for prek is passing the eyeball. Grab some spoons and a couple of fake eyeballs. Using this with a class, have kids sit in a circle with a spoon and pass the eyeball from one spoon to another. If you are in the classroom or are teaching your kiddo at home, use a spoon, fake eyeball, and make an obstacle course! This is a great brain break activity, and it is so much fun! This also works on hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills!

Also, quickly make a ghost bowling game with clear plastic cups and a ball! First, draw some faces on the plastic cups, and you can turn this into a math game by writing a number on each cup. Next, set up a bowling alley in your house or classroom. Then have kids roll the ball and knock down as many cups as possible. For younger players, just have them count how many cups they have knocked down. Another option is to focus on number recognition. For example, if they knock down, some ghosts show the number and have them shout it out and write it too! Also, for a more advanced option, turn this ghost bowling game into an addition and subtraction practice activity.

We love these Halloween games for Prek and toddlers because they are easy to DIY, and it does not take up a lot of space in our house. These Halloween games for prek and toddlers are great to use to turn learning into a fun activity throughout the school day, for brain breaks, or even for your Halloween class party!

In conclusion, we love to make learning fun with hands-on Halloween activities for preschoolers printable activities but still worksheet-free, fun Halloween activities for toddlers and preschoolers with slime, sensory bins, crafts, and exciting Halloween games for prek and toddlers. These activities will help them educationally, learn through play, and enjoy the entire month of October. Let me know in the comments below which activities are your favorite!

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