Fine Motor Activities for Phonics

hands-on activities for phonics has a picture of a task card that asks students to find the image that starts with the letter mSuppose you are looking for fun and engaging ways to help your child with phonics; look no further! These fine motor activities are the perfect way to help your little one learn and practice new phonemes. They are also a lot of fun, so your child will be excited to learn! Download the fine motor activities for phonics here!

Engage your child and students just learning beginning sounds with these phonics task cards. Students will identify the picture that begins with the letter given. It includes nine cards per letter. Snag these beginning sounds activities for phonics here.

Importance of Hands-on Activities for Phonics

Research indicates the importance of incorporating hands-on activities for phonics and their benefits on children. For example, researchers declare hands-on activities for younger students let students’ minds grow and learn based on the learning experiences in their environment. Furthermore, by incorporating fine motor activities for phonics, the tactile leaner has additional opportunities to increase their learning experiences. For more information, click here.

Directions Phonics Poke Cards

letter m activities fine motor task cards child threading pipe cleaner through a word that starts with letter m holeFirst, print out the task cards. Each page has nine beginning sound cards on it. You can easily split up the cards based on the letter you are working on and letters your child or student already knows. Next, cut out each phonics activity card. Then, hole punch each card and circle the correct answer on the back. This way, the task cards are self-checking! Then, use this as a phonics center or an at-home activity for phonics practice. Finally, students will thread a straw, stir stick, pipe cleaner through the hole punch and check if they got the correct answer by looking at the back of each card.

So, if you’re looking for a fun and engaging way to help your little one learn phonics and letter sounds, look no further than the combination of hands-on fine motor activities with phonics. These literacy learning centers are perfect for kids of all ages and can adapt these beginning sound activities to fit any skill level. Plus, they’re lots of fun! Download these activities for phonics cards here!


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