15+ Letter M Activities

says letter m phonics activities with a letter m turned into a moose

These fun letter M activities are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers who are just learning the alphabet. This comprehensive list is for teaching the letter sound for m. It includes various activities, science and baking activities, and even no-prep printables to use while teaching the letter m and its sound. Now I use the sound of m for its name and our discussions because we are learning phonics sounds first and will learn the letter name later. My goal is to get her reading as soon as possible, and starting with phonics sounds is the best way. So get started and have some phonics fun!


Science Letter M Activities

First of all, one of my favorite things about teaching this to my toddler is how much I can incorporate other subjects into my phonics lesson plans. Also, by performing activities with their hands they are more engaged with what they are learning. 

To begin, we use milk, dish soap, and food coloring for an M science experiment. First, grab a bowl with some milk. Then, add in food coloring drops. Next, have your child squirt dish soap on the food coloring and watch it spread! Finally, you can even add the food coloring drops in the shape of the letter m. We discuss the letter m and how milk starts with that m sound during this experiment. 

a cup of ice with a purple strawIn addition, another favorite science experiment is melting ice. Now the m phonics activity here is melting, which we also discuss the properties of ice, solid then MELTS into liquid. We make this a science experiment by attempting to melt cups of ice using different materials around our house, such as corn starch, rock salt, sugar, and more. 

First, put ice in a few different cups. Next, have your child smell different household items and then add it to each cup. Then, each student can listen to hear for a reaction. Finally, students can make an observation to see if the ingredient is melting the ice. In conclusion, this is great for sensory learning!

If you’d like to try out this ice melting experiment, you can grab our activity here

Finally, a fun science activity for the letter M is finding things around the house that is magnetic. Simply, take a magnet and see what it sticks to! Super fun and gets kids moving!

Food that Starts with M Phonics Activities

Secondly, while we are practicing the letter sound, the letter m makes we incorporate food into our lessons! We bake, snack, and grab these letter m foods to make phonics snack trays. Here is what we put on our trays.

  • Muffins (we bake these together)
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Milk
  • Mangos
  • Milkshakes
  • Meat (we of course, cook it first)
  • Meatballs
  • Melons
  • Mustard
  • Mushrooms
  • Mandarins
  • Macaroni and Cheese

Since we use food for letter m sounds and taste everything, we also use our senses, so this phonics food activity makes a perfect sensory learning activity! Since we bake the muffins, cook the meat, and make milkshakes, these count as activities for our letter m phonics lessons.

Printable Letter M Phonics Activities

Here is our list of M activities we incorporate into our phonics lesson plans. Some of these are no-prep activities, and others are low prep. However, all of the activities are reusable! Also, we do complete hands-on phonics activities and trace the letter too. 

No Prep Printables

no prep letter m printable and tracing letter m and building the letter out of shapesDownload over ten no-prep printable letter activities for every letter! 

First of all, your child or student will build and create each letter using manipulatives such as pom-poms, snap cubes, play-dough, and more. Easily, print and go with these no-prep activities! We put them in a sheet protector to trace the letter m and erase it! We do not need to laminate it or toss it after one use. Then, we will pull out these letter activities throughout the year to remember and practice letter formation and to build it. Furthermore, just because we master the letter does not mean it just goes away. Over 300 pages of no-prep hands-on letter printables to use today! Click here to download!

Moreover, these no prep activities include building the letter m out of popsicle sticks, snap cubes, play-dough, magnets, small mini erasers, pom-poms, and more. Besides, building the letter m, they will also learn about the capital and lowercase letter formation and trace the letter too!
no prep letter m printable and tracing letter m and building the letter m out of magnets

Play-dough Mats

playdough mats that start with letter m

In addition, we love to create, build, and increase fine motor skills while learning the letter m! Here we use these fun letter m play-dough mats to develop objects that start with the letter m. In addition, to letter m activities these play-dough mats are perfect to increase fine motor skills!


Hands-on and Fine Motor Letter M Task Cards

fine motor task cards child threading pipe cleaner through letter m holeAlong with building the letter m, we also cannot stress enough how we love incorporating fine motor and other subjects into our phonics lessons. This way, it is less prep for all one thousand learning activities, and it all stays focused on a specific skill we are learning. Moreover,  these hands-on task cards are such a hit to increase fine motor skills! Each letter has 18 poke cards that students will thread the card through a pipe cleaner, straw, or even stir stick. They’ll practice matching the capital and lowercase letters and threading! Download these capital and lowercase letter activities here. There are over 500 task cards total for all of your alphabet needs.

fine motor task cards child threading pipe cleaner through a word that starts with letter m hole

Furthermore, other hands-on phonics activities for the letter M are these phonics poke cards! First of all, students will find the object that begins with the letter m. Next, students will take a pipe cleaner or a stick of some sort to thread the card by finding the correct beginning sound. This includes,  9  phonics task cards for each letter and over 200 task cards total. You can download these phonics activities here.


M Sensory Bins and Letter M Crafts

sensory bin full of letter m and objects that start with the letter mIn addition, we love activating our senses to learn and discover the world around us. Our toddlers and preschoolers soak up everything each day, so we provide a rich learning environment by using interactive ways to experience phonics skills.

For our letter m sensory bin, we put everything we can in it that starts with the letter m. For example, monsters, money, mugs, characters whose name begins with the letter m, magnets, marshmallows, letter m cutouts, muffin holders, and more get added to our sensory bin. Next, we go through the house and find more things that start with the letter m, we add them to the bin.

Then, we also add these letter m cards and mats to increase our m vocabulary and add in an additional learning activity. As we learn more letters, we will sort these cards onto different mats based on the letter sounds, but we are just focusing on the letter m. Download these beginning sound mats here!alphabet mat letter m with picture cues of what starts with the letter m

the letter m turned into a mooseSecondly, we do hands-on paper letter crafts as well. There are several ideas, but we don’t get caught up in all the fluff, so we pick one or two-letter crafts. For this one, we decided to turn an M into a moose! Where we live, we can see wild moose (which is always so fun), so by incorporating our environment into our learning, we are making connections and expanding our knowledge of the letter m even more. 


Incorporating Math for Letter M Activities

Again, I love to use multiple subjects and senses while teaching phonics sounds. It allows children to be more engaged with learning the letter when they can activate their senses and do something. For the letter m, we use money for math activities! Here are the money activities we use for the letter m.

  • Sorting money based on the coin value and dollar bill value
  • Counting the amount of coins
  • Learning the name of each coin
  • Understanding how much each dollar and currency is worth

In conclusion, we hope you’ve enjoyed these letter m phonics activities as much as we have. They are a great way to engage your child and students in a fun, hands-on learning that will get them excited about reading. Which one will you try out today?

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