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letter s craft ideas and activities shows playdough objects that start with the letter s like skunk and the letter s made our of shapes



If you are looking for fun Letter S activities for kids, look no further! This blog post is full of ideas to keep your little ones entertained and learning. From simple crafts to fun games, there is something here for everyone. So get ready to explore the letter S with your children!

Science Letter S Activities

One of my favorite things about letter recognition activities with my toddler is how much I can incorporate other subjects into my phonics lesson plans. Also, performing these hands-on activities makes them more engaged with what they are learning. 

To begin, we find objects around the house that are of interest. We talk about what might make some items sink and others float. Then, we fill a bucket with water to determine which items sink, reminding our toddler or preschooler that the sink begins with the letter s. 

In addition, another favorite science experiment is working with and exploring how plants grow. Have your little one explore the letter s by planting seeds in the soil!

Finally, a fun science activity for the letter s is finding things around the house that are soft. Super fun and gets kids moving! Extend each science activity with a letter s tracing worksheet.

Food that Starts with s Phonics Activities

Secondly, while we practice the sound the letter s makes, we incorporate food into our lessons! We bake, snack, and grab these letter s foods to make phonics snack trays. Here is what we put on our trays:

  • Sweet Potato Fries (we bake these together)
  • Snow Peas
  • Salsa
  • Strawberries
  • Smoothies
  • Salad with Sesame Seeds, Scallions, and Sprouts SPRINKLED on top!
  • Spinach
  • Soup
  • Squash
  • Spaghetti
  • Sandwich
  • S’mores
  • Scones (we bake these together)

Since we use food for letter s sounds and taste everything, we also use our senses, so this phonics food activity makes a perfect sensory learning activity! Since we bake the fries, cook the soup, and make smoothies, these count as activities for our letter s phonics lessons.

Printable Letter S Phonics Activities

the letter s made out of shapes and includes tracing the letter sHere is our list of activities with the letter s we incorporate into our phonics lesson plans, including the letter s tracing worksheet. Some of these are no-prep activities, and others are low prep. However, all of the activities are reusable! Also, we do complete hands-on phonics activities and trace the letter with a letter s tracing worksheet. 

No Prep Printables

Download over ten no-prep printable letter activities for every letter! 

First, your child or student will build and create each letter using manipulatives such as pom-poms, snap cubes, play-dough, and more. Easily print and go with these no-prep letter recognition activities! We put them in a sheet protector to trace the letter s and erase it! We do not need to laminate it or toss it after one use. Then, we will pull out these letter activities throughout the year to remember and practice letter formation and build it.

Furthermore, just because we master the letter does not mean it just goes away. Over 300 pages of no-prep hands-on letter printables to use today! Click here to download it!

Moreover, these no-prep activities include building the letter s out of popsicle sticks, snap cubes, play-dough, magnets, small mini erasers, pom-poms, etc. Besides creating the letter s, they will also learn about the capital and lowercase letter formation and trace the letter too!

Play-Dough Mats

letter s playdough mats shows a skunk that kids can put playdough onIn addition, we love to create, build, and increase fine motor skills while learning the letter s! Here we use these fun letter s play-dough mats to develop objects that start with the letter s. In addition, to letter s activities, these play-dough mats are perfect to increase fine motor skills! Snag our playdoh mats here.

Hands-on and Fine Motor Letter s Task Cards

Along with building the letter s, we cannot stress enough how we love incorporating fine motor and other subjects into our phonics lessons. This way, it is less prep for all one thousand learning activities, and it all stays focused on a specific skill we are learning. Moreover, these hands-on task cards are such a hit to increasing fine motor skills! Each letter has 18 poke cards that students will thread the card through a pipe cleaner, straw, or even stir stick. They’ll practice matching the capital and lowercase letters and threading! Download these capital and lowercase letter activities here. There are over 500 task cards for all of your alphabet needs.

Furthermore, other hands-on phonics activities with the letter s are these phonics poke cards! Students will find the object that begins with the letter s. Next, students will take a pipe cleaner or a stick to thread the card by finding the correct beginning sound—It includes nine phonics task cards for each letter and over 200 task cards total. You can download these phonics activities here.

S Sensory Bins and Letter s Crafts

In addition, we love activating our senses to learn and discover the world around us. Our toddlers and preschoolers soak up everything each day, so we provide a rich learning environment by using interactive ways to experience phonics skills.

We put everything we can in our letter s sensory bin that starts with the letter s. For example, sheep, snakes, spoons, shells, characters whose name begins with the letter s, slinky, squares, letter s cutouts, and more get added to our sensory bin. Next, we go through the house and find more things that start with the letter s. We add them to the sensory bin.

Then, we also add these letter s cards and mats to increase our s vocabulary and add learning activities. As we learn more letters, we will sort these cards onto different mats based on the letter sounds, but we are just focusing on the letter s. Download these beginning sound mats here!

Secondly, we do hands-on paper letter crafts as well. There are several ideas, but we don’t get caught up in all the fluff, so we pick one or two-letter crafts. For this one, we decided to turn an s into a snake! By incorporating our environment into our learning, we make connections and expand our knowledge of the letter S.  

Incorporating Math for letter S activities

Again, I love to use multiple subjects and senses while teaching phonics sounds. It allows children to be more engaged with learning the letter when they can activate their five senses and do something. For the letter s, we use the money for math activities! Here are the money activities we use for the letter s.

  • Sorting shapes including squares, rectangles, triangles, hexagons
  • Practice the numbers six and seven
  • Learn about the 3D shape sphere
  • Counting sailboat clip cards for numbers 0-20

If you are looking for some fun and educational activities with your little one this spring, look no further! These science, phonics sounds, craft ideas, and math activities around the letter S will keep your child entertained and learning. And do not forget – if you want to purchase our beginning sounds pack for letters A-Z, click here. It is full of goodies to help your child with letter recognition, fine motor skills, and beginning sounds. We hope you enjoy these activities as much as we love putting them together for you.

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