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So, here’s the deal. I love teaching and things that make my life easier. I’ve seen a lot of teacher planners out there online, but I was tired of having to purchase a new planner year after year. That is why I created this super simple planner that you can download, print, or use digitally. It is by far my favorite planner so let me show you why!

Download this editable and lifelong planner here today!

Love skinny fonts? Love being organized? Then this planner is perfect for you! You can print, bind, and write in it, edit it strictly on the computer, OR edit and print! It is perfect to help you stay organized throughout the year. You can reuse it each year and buy it at any point throughout the year.


It includes:

– Multiple Cover options

– Monthly calendar

-Monthly meeting notes

-Monthly standards page

-Monthly lesson plan sheets

-Monthly goal sheet

-Monthly reflection sheet

-Weekly plans

-Complete editable version


– Schedule sheet

-Class roster sheet

-Class notes sheet

-Monthly budget sheets

-Grocery sheets

-To-do sheets


Directions for printable version:

•Pick your planner cover (pages 6-9) and print that out separately and first before the rest of the pages.

•Then print pages 11-182 for the entire planner starting in the month of July. It is important that you print it front to back and all of the pages or it will not line up correctly. If you bought this throughout the year that is totally fine! Just print your cover page separately and then pages 11-14 (front to back.) then see the next page to know what page each month starts on. And print front to back. See next page for example.

•**If you want, you can also print each month separately and add to your planner monthly. It will still work!

•Or use the editable version to type in everything for the year!

•For the grade book print pages 183-207 front to back so it will line up correctly too.

•Extra add-ins are on pages 215-229 more directions on page 213 for add on pages.


Print off budget planning sheets front to back pages 215-226.

Print off as many grocery lists and to-do pages. You can insert these lists between planning pages or keep them separate.


Directions for editable version:

•Pick your planner cover and print separately.

•Type in all your info as you go.

•If you want to print any pages print front to back. This way everything will line up accordingly. For example, type in all info for the current month. Then print (if you want) these pages front to back. This way it will line up correctly!


Ready to download this and use it for years to come? Click here and snag it today!

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