Outdoor Gross Motor Activities for Preschoolers

outdoor gross motor activities for preschoolers shows a kids foot in a hopscotch square

Try these outdoor gross motor activities for preschoolers to help your kids develop and grow. These fun activities are perfect to keep your kids busy and strengthening their large muscle groups. If you are looking for even more outdoor gross motor activities for preschool or more outdoor activities in general click here. Not only does gross motor activities help strengthen their bodies but it also wears kids out more too. Which is my goal every day, do a bunch of activities to get them all tired out and sleeping.

Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills are the ability to move and use large muscle groups such as arms, and back. When strengthening gross motor abilities it is important to incorporate whole body movement. People use their gross motor skills every day to complete chores, compete in sports, and everything in between that involves whole body movement. In order to create a healthy lifestyle it is important for kids to strengthen and use their gross motor skills.

gross motor activities for preschoolers shows a group of kids flying a kite

Outdoor Gross Motor Activities for Preschoolers

Fill up your days with these fun outdoor gross motor activities for preschoolers and get your kids up and moving! Here are some of our favorite activities and games to play to increase gross motor skills.

A Trampoline

Whether you just use a kiddie trampoline or a large one, jumping on a trampoline is a great activity for developing gross motor activities.

Playing hopscotch

This is an easy gross motor game for kids. Just draw with chalk, throw rocks, and jump. Also, you can make this into a learning activity by writing numbers, letters, or drawing shapes in your hopscotch board.

Visiting different playgrounds

Parks are one of the best gross motor activity for preschoolers. They will climb, run, jump, and everything in between at a playground. We like to rotate between different parks to keep busy and have fun.

Making a backyard obstacle course

Obstacle courses in the backyard might seem crazy, but I am here to tell you it does not have to be complicated. First of all, grab boxes, step stools, anything small kids can jump over. Also, grab some chalk to draw balance beams on the ground. Next, set up items for your kids to jump over, crawl under, walk on a balance beam chalk. You can even have your kids get onto the trampoline and jump. Seriously, do not over complicate it and make it simple, your kids will still love it.

Climbing trees

I see less and less kids climbing trees these days. However, when I was a child we were always up in a tree. Even though it is scary, it is important for kids to take risks and learn about how much weight a branch can handle. Just make sure you monitor their tree climbing and keep them safe too. It is all about balance.

Riding bikes

Think about riding bikes! Kids have to use their balance, pedal, and figure out bike brakes too. This is a great full body gross motor activity that any age kid loves.

Riding a scooter

My child struggles riding a scooter, which is why we continue to practice. Again, kids need to balance, figure out how to turn, and push on the break too. Grab your kids any scooter and these are always great to find at garage sales too.

Water Play Activities

Water play activities are one of our favorite ways to increase gross motor skills and fine motor skills too! Check out our water play activities for preschoolers here for a complete list.

Neighbor kickball or soccer game

I love sports for many reasons. First of all, kids will enhance their gross motor skills by participating in sports. Secondly, learning how to work on a team and be a team play is an important skill too. This will come in handy as they grow up and have group projects and play on future sport teams too. Finally, sports have many life lessons like how to lose, sportsmanship, and more. So gather up some kids and start a neighborhood kickball game today!

Yard work

Although, it might take you longer to complete your yard work chores, this is a great gross motor activity. First of all, it teaches kids about responsibility and gets them in a healthy habit of taking care of things. Also, raking, picking up sticks, etc are all great gross motor opportunities for kids.

Drawing on the ground with chalk

We love drawing large pictures all over our patio and sidewalks. This is a fun large motor skill since the canvas is large.

Just Play Outside

Easily turn any activity outside into a gross motor activity. When kids are outside they run, jump, hop, and move a lot. Which, is all gross motor skills. So just let them run free out there.

Chalk Obstacle Course

On our sidewalk I draw a chalk walking obstacle course. For example, to jump and spin 90 degrees, I trace my shoes facing one way and the next drawing is my shoes facing a different way. I draw spiral circles to show kids to spin around. These are super easy and fun!


We absolutely love hiking. So get outside and walk on a walking path. Let them explore the world around them and increase their gross motor skills too.

Flying a kite

This one is pretty self explanatory but so much fun for kids.

Jump rope

Jump roping takes a lot of hand eye coordination, patience (for preschoolers) and jumping practice. Such a great way to practice large muscle groups.

Jumping through hula-hoops

Use hula-hoops instead of tires for tire jumping activity. Also, you can use hula-hoops to jump through like a circus trick too.

Corn hole

Corn hole or bean bag toss are great ways to practice gross motor skills.

Playing catch

Play catch with a balloon, ball and glove, or play balloon volleyball are all great ways to increase gross motor abilities. Also, see how long they can keep a balloon in the air. Then, have them count too so it also works on counting!

Ladder jump

Finally, we have ladder jumping. Place a ladder on the ground and let the jump through the bars, run, and everything else!

We hope you enjoy our list of outdoor gross motor activities for preschoolers. We fill up our days with these activities and with our list of over one hundred activities to do outdoors, which keeps us super busy and enjoying every day. Check out the list here! Also, during those rainy days or cold days we take our gross motor activities indoors which you can read about here.

Do not forget to increase fine motor skills too! Unsure about fine motor skills find out more here!

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