Summer Learning is Important

The summer months may seem short, but statistics show that students lose about 30% of their knowledge from the previous school year during the summer. Now I do think summer is a great break but there are several things you can do to prevent that 30% decrease and ways to keep learning over summer.


Reasons to Differentiate Morning Work

Imagine every morning students are working hard, already learning, and the teacher is finishing last minute prep work for the day. However, in reality it most students are asking a zillion questions will the teacher is trying to prep these last few activities for the day. Does this sound like your morning? This was mine until I started differentiating their morning work.


Fresh Pins for Pinterest

Have you heard about this Pinterest update and all this talk about “fresh” pins? I am sure you have! It might seem a bit overwhelming right now but it is so important so you don’t get marked as a spam account and get suspended. Keep reading to learn how to prevent this!


Video Pins for Pinterest

Video Pins Services

Let’s talk video pins!

They are all the rage right now, which totally makes sense. There are over 175 BILLION pins on Pinterest. You read that right! BILLION! You have to stay ahead of the curve and make your pins stand out.