Pom-pom Fine Motor Activities for One Year Olds and UP

If you’re searching for fine motor activities to entertain your one year olds and up, then look no further!  A colorful bag of pom- poms, a whisk, and other household items are sure to keep your tiny tot mesmerized.  There’s no need to break the bank when you can find all the ingredients to a fun filled learning activity right in your kitchen cabinets!

Whisk, Whisk, Whisk Fine Motor Idea

whisk with pom-poms in it for fine motor practiceDon’t tell Grandma but whisks aren’t just for cooking!  This everyday kitchen tool turns into a one-year-old’s dream when filled with brightly colored pom-poms.  You can have your little one shake the whisk like a magic wand.  The tinier poms will fall out and the larger ones will stay contained inside.   Your hardest job will be refilling the whisk when your little wizard wants to play again!

Fine Motor Pinching Fingers Just stick to it!

sticky contact paper on a wall facing towards the child with pom-poms on itToddlers and Preschoolers need plenty of practice in developing their fine motor skills.  These activities are perfect for helping those little fingers develop strength and coordination.  Take a piece of contact paper and stick pop-poms on one side.  Have your child grab the colorful balls of fluff and place them into another container.  For older preschoolers, 18 months and up, try setting a timer so they can try to get all the balls off before the bell rings!  Older ones can sort the pom-poms by colors or shape for more advanced play.  

Obstacle Course with Pom-Poms 

using toilet paper rolls make a maze for pom pomsA few simple recyclable items are just what you need for pom-pom activities for toddlers.  All you need are some old toilet paper or paper towel rolls, tape, and the fun-filled pom-poms!  Tape the empty rolls on the wall so your littles can send the rainbow balls down the obstacle course tunnel.  You can count with your little guy or gal as they drop each pom-pom into the tube.  This is another activity that will benefit color recognition.  Simply say, “Let’s race the blue pom-pom with the red pom-pom.” Then drop the colors into separate parts of the “course”.  Pretending the poms are cars, rockets, or boats is sure to create countless squeals of delight!

Pom-Poms for Sensory-Motor Skills

The next pom-pom activities will focus on your toddler’s sensory-motor skills.  Place an assortment of pom-poms into a sensory bin. Have your preschooler use tongs, spoons, or large tweezers to pick them out.  They can place them into a plastic baggie or a muffin tin.  For older or more advanced littles, have them take the pom-poms out by colors or size.  You can count with them to help with math development.

Rainbow water bottles will challenge children over the age of 18 months.  Have your kiddo fill an empty water bottle with the pom-poms to increase his/her fine motor skills.  They can use their pincher fingers or a sensory tool to grab the pom-poms.  Then they will put them into the top of the bottle.  

I hope you and your little one enjoy these pom-pom activities for learning colors, sizes, and increasing fine motor skills!  Everyone loves a warm fuzzy and these colorful pom-pom balls will help you create lasting memories with your own child!

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