The Best Baby Announcement Escape Room for Teachers

the best pregnancy announcement for teachers shows baby clothes



So you are expecting a baby? First, off congratulations! That is so exciting and I am so happy for you! If you are wanting to make your baby announcement special with your class you have come to the right place! This fun baby announcement escape room is something my students still talk about which was back in 2017! That’s a long lasting impression if you ask me! 

The baby announcement is a completely editable and geared towards elementary students. Students will solve math equations and puzzles to solve the room! This pregnancy announcement also includes pages for those having multiples!

How to Set up The Baby Announcement Escape Room

  • First, use the editable fields to type in names of school staff members at your school. Do not add your name to the people cards. Next, add the school staff plus your name to the printable student record sheet.
  • Print and prep the cards and clues!
  • For Kindergarteners and first graders there are simple math problems like counting, adding 1 to a number, doubles. For example, some math problems included are 13 + 1 = and 3 + 3 = and 16, 17, 18, ____ Your students will be spelling out your name and “is having a baby” to solve the room. The math clues correlate to a letter. So if your students know those words and can solve the math problems above this will be perfect for you!
  • For older first graders and second graders there are math problems for adding and subtracting within 100.
  • For third and fourth graders there are multiplication math problems to solve. All of the answers are under 100.
  • For older fourth graders and fifth graders there are multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction problems with decimals. There is also rounding to the nearest whole number with decimals out to the thousandths place.

Set Up The Day Of

To set up this escape room, scatter name cards, math problems, and letter codes around the room. I taped them everywhere! Under chairs, on the ceiling, you name it I hid it there! 

Before you begin, tell the students that someone in the school is keeping a secret from them and it is their job to solve the room and figure out the secret. Then allow students to fill out the escape the room page and then finally solve!

Not only are escape rooms a great way to announce a pregnancy but they are also great for classroom rewards, team work, and more. Check here on why I use escape rooms for class parties rather than movies.

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