7 Preschool and Kindergarten activities for fall

Fall is one of my favorite seasons! The time where the world cools down but it is still nice enough for after dinner walks and the crisp smell of fall is one of my favorites. It is also one of favorite seasons for teaching too. In this blog post we are sharing kindergarten and preschool activities for fall to make this moment special for you and your kids. Whether you are homeschooling or in the classroom your kids will love these activities.

Apple Theme Day Activities

apple activities for preschool and kindergarten shows a sensory bin made out of oatmeal, fake apples, and cinnamon sticksHave you ever tried an apple theme day with your kids before? During our fall harvest season we love to celebrate it by apple crafts, an apple sensory bin, science, math and more. We love to go to an apple orchard and pick some too! See all of our apple activities here!

Preschool Activities for Fall: Sensory Bins

corn, fake fall leaves, and leaf hobby lobby gemsWe are also big fan of sensory bins as it helps build and develop those fine motor skills. In this blog post we share 4 fun and different fall themed sensory bins for play, learning, and developing motor skills. These sensory bins include objects found outside, edible ideas, and more.

Sensory bins are important for little learners to have a safe place to practice life skills, develop hand muscles, and sensory bins also helps with regulating emotions too. 

Pumpkin Themed Activities

Are you into pumpkin patches and other pumpkin theme preschool activities for fall? Then you will love this blog post with fun and unique pumpkin ideas for kids! From pumpkin bowling, washing pumpkins, and even playdough these engaging ideas will make learning fun this season. See all the pumpkin theme activities here

Printable Fall Themed Learning Activities

Take learning a step further with these easy to use printables that work on basic math, literacy, and fine motor skills. In these printables students will find the correct color, practice sequencing and order of events, shapes, and so much more. The best part is you can use these fall printables for the entire season! We sure did and we used them for a few years too. Discover these printables here today. These preschool activities for fall printables are easy to use with multiple ages and skill level. You can use them to differentiate and pick and chose from the many engaging options.

Free Pumpkin Shape Activities

Shows shape mats of pumpkins to match, clip cards, and shape names to traceIf your child needs more time practicing shapes you will love this free shape printable that is pumpkin theme! This includes fun pumpkin activities to practice shapes and are great for putting in sensory bins and using clothes pins for the correct answer. Download your free copy of the pumpkin shape activities here.

We love these kindergarten and preschool activities for fall and we are sure you will too! These fun and engaging ideas are great for learning and enjoying the changing of seasons.

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