The Best Printable Addition Games for Kindergarten and First Grade

the best addition games for kids shows a printable adding within 10 escape room game for elementary kids



Introducing the best addition escape room and printable game bundle for Kindergarten and first graders! This exciting product is perfect for teachers and parents looking for fun and engaging ways to teach addition to young learners.

Addition Escape Room Game

The addition escape room is designed as a center activity that will keep kids entertained while they learn. It includes 8 different types of games and adding centers for adding between 0-10. This is an easy activity to set up for the classroom as a center idea or use as a homeschool activity. The easy to follow directions and method will set your students up for success without you having to help them every step throughout the game. Ready to purchase? Click here.

Printable Board Games and More Student Activities

In addition to the escape room, this product also includes 75 pages worth of student activities. These activities are designed to reinforce learning about adding in a fun and interactive way, ensuring that children have a solid understanding of addition by the time they complete the program. From printable game boards to dice to matching the bees to the correct hive this complete addition games and activities pack will help your kids practice adding within 10 and also make learning fun!

Also, this comes in both black and white and full color versions, giving you the flexibility to choose what works best for your needs. The full color version is perfect for those who want to add a pop of color to their classroom or home, while the black and white version is great for those who want to save on printing costs.

Overall, the addition escape room and printable games for kindergarten and first grade is an excellent resource for anyone looking to teach addition in a fun and engaging way. With its variety of games and activities, it’s sure to keep kids entertained while they learn.

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