Quick and Easy Science Experiment for Preschoolers

Are you like me? Looking for a quick and easy science experiment with minimal supplies that takes no time to set up? Sometimes us moms need that quick hero activity and do something together. So today I am sharing just a quick activity you can use any time. 

Floating Shapes Science Experiment Supplies

All you need is a bowl or plate that can hold water, a cup of water,  and an expo marker. If you have more than one expo marker that is great too! But seriously this is all you need for this science experiment for preschoolers.

How to Complete this Science Experiment

Use the expo markers to draw on the plate or bowl. For the first time try drawing all the same shapes as I drew the hearts all colored in. You can try any shape here. Next, pour water into the bowl and watch the shapes float. This will amaze your child and they will want to do it again and again and again. We seriously did this for an hour.

As we tried this quick and easy science experiment for preschoolers we did different tests like

  • Does the water temperature matter?
  • Do different colors float better?
  • Does it matter if the shapes are colored in?
  • How does the marker feel before the water is poured in?
  • What does the floating shape feel like?

Testing out different science ideas when using the questions above is great for kids to practice making predictions, and increases reasoning skills. One thing we try to do in our house is to ask a lot of questions and develop critical thinking skills so we can really learn the material from it for our next science experiment.

Let us know in a comment below how this quick and easy science experiment for preschoolers went for you!

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