Screen Time for Toddlers

Screen time for toddlers is such an important topic!  Screens are everywhere and children tend to be drawn toward them.  While they can be a wonderful tool, it is important to maintain boundaries.  We want play, reading, being outside, interacting with others, and being active to be priorities and take up a majority of children’s days.  Coming up with a plan for screen time that works for your family and falls within the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations leads to a positive screen time experience for children and parents! The AAP offers a family media plan template & calculator on their website.  

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productive toddler screen time & educational aspects

Screen time is a tool that can benefit parents and children.  Screen time can give parents & caregivers a calm moment for themselves, offer bonding time for adults and children, and can give children access to some great learning opportunities.  

Children can learn: 

  • emotional regulation tools
  • literacy skills
  • mathematics skills
  • science skills
  • information about our world
  • technology skills
  • and much more!

toddler and elementary school age child looking a tablet screen

Productive screen time can look different depending on how each day is going.  Some days children may have independent screen time, other days maybe it’s a time to snuggle & interact, and some days may be movie nights!  

Asking children questions after they watch a show or use an app on the iPad is a wonderful way to help children engage during screen time,  reflect on what they learned, and connect with you. In order to prevent some of the behavior issues we tend to see around screen time, we like to use it as a part of our daily routine.  Then children know when and how much screen time they can expect, and it can be a productive time for everyone. There will always be days where the routine is different, but when it is generally the same from day to day, screen time can be a productive tool for all.  

apps we recommend

Homer Learn & Grow is an early learning app for kids ages 2-8.  It has an easy to use main screen that  kids can navigate.  Homer offers a wide range of pre-reading and early reading skills for different levels.  Children follow their own individualized reading path which enhances their reading journey.  Other enrichment activities Homer offers are: 

  • Math
  • Games 
  • Songs
  • Memory, matching & sequencing practice

ABC Mouse is for children ages 2-8 and has reading, math, science, and art lessons.  The curriculum spans a wide range of skills & practice activities.  

Boom Learning Games offers different packages for schools & is a resource for teachers that offers interactive lessons, games, reports & grading.  They offer learning resources that span multiple grades & subjects. 

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