Shape Escape Game for Preschool and Kindergarteners

fun shape escape room for preschool and kindergarten shows a paper with tracing shapes on it

Looking for a fun game to practice 2D shapes with your preschooler? Check out this fun shape game room made for preschoolers and kindergarten students that is easy to set up and a game for small groups of students or homeschool kiddos. This mini game is easy to play low prep and makes learning fun! Download it here!

Why Play Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are one of my favorite things to set up for students. When I was a classroom teacher instead of movie rewards, we did escape room activities which I would build for them based on what we were learning about in school. To see our escape room list click here. Escape rooms are a great way to make learning fun. For example, learning through hands on activities and games are great because they help students develop problem solving skills. For example, this shape escape room has clues and a mystery element for students to solve which makes learning more fun and students feel more involved too. It takes tracing shapes into a fun problem-solving learning game. In addition, with escape rooms students need to work efficiently and together to solve the mystery in the amount of time allowed. Also, learning through play helps students learn different skills faster and easier.

Shape Escape Room How to Play at Home

shows an envelope with clue 1 and two different shape task cardsIf you are a homeschooling parent, you can easily play this game at home too. Here is how to set up the escape room and play for a fun learning activity at home.

  1. First of all, print out the clues and hide each page of clues in a different room. This way your child must solve one room before entering the next room.
  2. Next, read the prompt to your child about the missing shape cookie and explain which room they need to go in first to start solving the mystery.
  3. Then, give your child the tracing shape handout to record their findings.
  4. During the shape escape room game talk to your child on what shape they have found and observe how they are tracing the shape on their paper and if they can correctly identify each shape.
  5. Finally, there will be one shape your child did not find and whichever shape they did not trace is the missing shape!

To take learning a step further there is a tracing sentence page plus a cookie decorating activity included in the escape room. Also, you can keep going with this lesson by making cookies together of different shapes and can decorate them with different color frosting too! Download this game here!

 How to Play in the Classroom

shape escape room shows shapes to trace on a paperIf you are a classroom teacher here is how to set up this shape escape room for your class to use as a math center! Grab it here today!

  1. First of all, print out a student record page for each student, the task cards, clue pages, and early finisher tracing pages for your students to complete if they have extra time. I personally would color code the task cards, clues, and envelopes. For example, the first set of task cards I print in red and place it in an envelope labeled #1 with a red marker. This helps when students go to set up the game for the next group of students to play.
  2. Next, cut out the task cards. There are eleven total task cards and cut out the heart shape clues.
  3. Then, follow the step-by-step directions to see what clues and task cards to place in each envelope. You will need 5 envelopes total which you can reuse for another mini escape room of ours too!
  4. Read the prompt to your students before center time so they know their mission os to solve the missing shape cookie mystery. Also, explain to your students how to refill the envelopes once they are done tracing them and place into the same envelope before moving onto the next clue. This will prevent you from having to set it up when it is time to switch between groups and gives your students some responsibility too!
  5. Finally, let your students rotate, practice identifying shapes, and collecting clues.

If a group of students finish the game early there is an early finisher activity where students will trace the sentence about the missing shape cookie and a portion to create their own shape cookie too!

shows a peice of paper for students to trace a sentence and decorate an oval shape cookieWe love this shape escape room and other shape games too. The mystery portion involves students more and gets them excited to play and learn. Whether you are a homeschooling parent or a classroom teacher this fun escape room will work for you. Grab the shape game here. If you are looking for extra easy shape games to play at home or in a classroom read 10 fun shape games for preschoolers here.

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