Spring Themed Activities for Preschool

spring activities for preschool learning shows shape matching circle heart and triangles



Spring is my favorite season because the cold is gone, and the rebirth of all the beautiful flowers and plants begin to show. Which is why I have so many spring activities for preschoolers ideas for math and literacy concepts plus science and sensory bin ideas too! When I am passionate about something I capitalize on it and share it with my preschoolers.

Fun Spring Activities Preschool Sensory Bin Ideas

We use several fun sensory bin ideas to increase fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are small muscle groups such as hand strength which is necessary for kids to develop to write and draw. As we homeschool sensory bins are a big part of our daily routine. On example of a spring sensory bin is a garden bin. We use black beans, flowerpots, and fake flowers for gardening. Also, we have an insect bin for spring with rubbery insects and oatmeal for the base. The insect bins are fun for both girls and boys. When using the insect bin, we are learning about how insects have six legs and different features of their bodies. This is a great way to learn about the environment and bugs too. Another favorite sensory bin is a weather bin. We use a yellow ball for the sun, blue rice for the base, cotton balls for clouds, and pipe cleaners for lightening. Since spring is full of crazy weather where we live this bin covers everything we will see in a week.

Not only do sensory bin strengthen fine motor skills but they are also a great way to incorporate science learning too. From insects to weather these bins are great for spring. Read more on our springtime sensory bin ideas here.

Spring Printable Activities for Preschoolers

In addition to our springtime sensory bin ideas, we also incorporate spring activities preschool printables into our daily routine. To download these spring printables click here. Our spring printable packs are great because they are worksheet free and something you can use all spring long to work on math and literacy concepts.

Fine Motor Activities Preschool Printables

fine motor playdough mats show rain and rainbow for students to create with playdohSince fine motor skills are something, kids need to work on to develop there are several fine motor activities in this printable spring pack. For example, there are fine motor tracing cards where students will trace lines to increase prewriting abilities. Also, there are spring playdough mats to strengthen fine motor skills too. Furthermore, there are several other activities that include fine motor skills such as color matching clip cards, sensory bin puzzle mats, vocabulary tracings cards and more.

Spring Math Activities Preschool Printables

spring activities for preschool learning shows shape matching circle heart and trianglesAlso, there are several math activities in this spring activities for preschoolers  pack to help students grow and understand several math concepts. For example, students will complete the springtime pattern. These are great for developing and understanding patterns in their environment and promotes critical thinking skills. Furthermore, students will sort by size practice counting from 0-20 and short shapes too. This spring themed activities for preschool focuses on a variety of math concepts to keep students engaged and learning all season long. Also, since these math activities are worksheet free you can print and prep them once and reuse all spring long to practice these standards.

Spring Literacy Activities Preschool Printables

spring cover up students spin the paper clip and cover up the corresponding letterFurthermore, there are several literacy activities in our spring activities preschool printable activities that are all worksheet free and reusable. There is a syllable sorting activity which is great for phonemic awareness practice. In addition, students will practice letter recognition through a fun game. Also, students will practice order of events themed for spring. The order of the events and sequencing activity is a great way for students to understand how stories and events work in life. This is a great activity to increase knowledge of how stories work. Learn more about these spring activities here.

Digital Escape Room Spring Themed Activity

digital escape room for the hidden rainbow shows an ipad with a rainbow photoOur spring activities for preschool printables do take some time because they are worksheet free activities so you can use them all spring year after year. However, we know that time is limited so we also have a fun no prep digital escape room for spring too! This escape room is rainbow theme and uses the Boom Learning platform. Our digital escape room is great for an independent math and literacy center for preschool and kindergarten students. They will learn how rainbows form and interesting facts about rainbows, answer questions based on the nonfiction read aloud, sort, rhyme, match beginning sounds, sort short vowels and long vowels, finish patterns, and compare sizes of objects. There are thirty-eight tasks for students to complete and finish off with a virtual tour. We love this fun escape room game for spring because students learn all about rainbows while practicing math and literacy concepts. Try out this fun digital escape room here.

Spring Science Activities for Preschoolers

In addition to learning math and literacy concepts through our spring printable and digital activities including science is a fun way to learn too. For example, students can change the color of flower pedals by adding food coloring to water and using white flowers. This is a great activity to learn how water moves through plant’s petals.

Another fun science experiment is growing beans or plants from seeds. Here is a recipe for growing beans through cotton balls. We love this fun science experiment because it is not only great for spring, but a lot of learning happens as we watch and observe the growth of each plant.

Finally, we love rainbow jar science experiment to learn about density of different liquids and it makes a rainbow which is fun and cool. You can grab sealable bottles from Walmart so the jar cannot open back up. This way students can take one home and it will not spill and they cannot open it up. We love these bottles that seal up for science activities like this. Click here to learn more about rainbow science in a jar and to teach about density.


Which one of these spring activities preschool ideas will you try first? Let me know in the comments below!

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