Spring Time Sensory Activities for Toddlers

There are so many spring sensory bin ideas I just had to do more! Here are four activities we are doing this April.

color matching and counting activity for sensory bins

Spring Themed Sensory Bin Learning Activity

We used this activity insert in our spring bins. This is more educational based activities which you can grab for FREE by CLICKING HERE!

The first activity is a color matching one. Your little learner will identify nine different colors and sort the cards. When my child sorts the cards, we talk about each object, the color, the name, and more information about it. For example, if it is a picture of an orange we talk about the color, the shape, that it’s a fruit and we store it in the refrigerator.

Secondly, this spring free activity (click here and get it for free) includes a counting and number recognition activity. We count the fingers, place min erasers or gems on the flower petals, make play-dough balls for the tens frame, and use mini erasers and gems to trace the number. I also point out the written word in the top left corner as well.

This free activity is a perfect addition to any spring sensory bins and will help your child through play learn colors, new vocabulary, and counting activities. Again, want this for free? Click here!

Weather Sensory Bin

This sensory activity is so fitting because here in the Midwest we experience all of the weather within a day or two. For example, yesterday it was 80 degrees outside and today it’s snowing. For this sensory activity we used pom-pom balls for clouds, a ball for the sun, dyed rice for the base, pipe cleaners for lightning and wind, and I used decorative glass beads from the dollar store for rain drops. We also stuck in some sticker snowflakes left over from our winter activities.

A Collection of Spring Bin

Our second bin for the month is this collection of items I found in a variety of stores on sale. It includes mini erasers from the Target dollar spot, vase fillers from Hobby Lobby, and black beans for the base. My little learner played for hours in this bin. She used her imagination and made the little chicks and bunny erasers talk and play. I also provided her with measuring cups for scooping practice.

Play-dough Fun

Over here we absolutely love play-dough. It really helps grow little learners fine motor skills, which most sensory bins do as well. But this ice cream play-dough is so much fun and she created her own little ice cream shop and took different orders. We have been playing with this ice cream play-dough set all month long.

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