St. Patrick's Day Escape Room for Prek, Kinder, and 1st Grade


st. patrick's day scavenger hunt for kids shows two st. patrick's day men holding objects that rhyme Make learning fun with this St. Patrick’s Day escape room that you can easily use for a St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt idea and activity! This is perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and 1st-grade students because it includes two different versions. Easily set up this St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt for small groups or individual kids at home! They will solve math puzzles, rhyming activities, letter matching, and practice syllables. This St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt is easy to set up. Also, the clues come with a QR code to scan for audible directions, so you do not have to explain every step along the way! 

Integrate multiple subjects and standards with this St. Patrick’s Day-themed escape room, crack the code, solve the room, and break out a whole class activity. Can your students figure out who stole Patty’s bike and where they are hiding?! Your students will work as small groups or as the entire class to solve six different puzzles. This escape room, crack the code, and break out is for preschool, kindergarten, and 1st-grade students. It includes 2 different versions; one for preschool-based standards and another for kindergarten and 1st grade standards. Use these two solve the room versions to differentiate too!

This unique solve the room includes QR codes for your students to scan for directions and clues. This way you do not need to be helping and leading each group and they can work together to solve the room! The QR codes also give your students a self-checking resource so by the end everyone will have the correct answer.

Easily use this to quickly assess your students and what they might need an extra review on based on what clues and puzzles stump them.

For This Escape Room, Crack the Code, and Break Out You Will Need

  • Envelopes (6 per group)
  • Scissors
  • Devices to scan QR codes

Version 1 Escape Room Activities

  • rhyming words sort
  • syllable sorting
  • matching capital and lowercase letters
  • comparing numbers
  • find the missing number using a number line

Version 2 Escape Room Activities

  • rhyming sort
  • syllable sort
  • beginning sound activity
  • comparing numbers
  • adding and subtracting within 12. Includes a number line to guide (you can also leave out small manipulatives to help)

Download this here today!


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