Beginning Sound Phonics Activities for Toddlers, Preschool, Kindergarten

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Practice beginning letter sounds with these phonics task cards. Students will identify the picture that begins with the letter given for letters A-Z. Enjoy over 200 interactive task cards for beginning letter sounds and initial sounds poke card activities.

Beginning Letter Sound Directions

  • First, print out the task cards. Each page has nine beginning sound cards on it. You can easily split up the cards based on the letter you are working on and letters your child or student already knows.
  • Next, circle the correct answer on the back, laminate, then cut out each card
  • Then, use this as a phonics center for phonics practice.
  • Finally, students will thread a straw, stir stick, pipe cleaner through the hole punch and check if they got the correct answer by looking at the back of each card.

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