Boom Cards Digital Sight Word Activities

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Need a new sight word center for digital use? This is a perfect bundle for you! This is a growing bundle so more activities will be added soon. Purchase now and save big! Once this bundle is complete it will have over 400 different boom cards. Before purchasing please make sure you have login for Boom Learning.

This bundle will include all 220 Dolch sight words and a variety of task cards. They will be separated by grade level list. You can assign certain kids different decks of boom cards to help you differentiate your centers or distance learning. Once they have mastered the sight word deck you assigned to them you can pick a new one to assign! This is great to help you differentiate and the best part is there is no prep, or printing, or grading on your end!

Each sight word list (pre-primer, primer, first grade, second grade, third grade) will include the following learning opportunities:

-Students will hear the sight word, read the sight word, and then type the sight word.

-Students will solve a crack the code situation and type the hidden word. On each slide students will type in the first letter of each picture clue found on the page. Once they type in each picture clue letter it will reveal a sight word!

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