Counting to 20 Clip Card Math Centers

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Make learning fun with these counting numbers 0-20 activities and clip cards! Perfect for math centers in preschool and kindergarten and first grade! There is 294 counting number clip cards total. Not only will your students count numbers 0-20 they will also identify the amount in tallies, written form, number form, dice, numbers on a tens frame and dominoes. These numbers 0-20 activities are perfect for morning work, independent math activities, early finishers, math centers, and small group work!

Included in Counting Numbers 0-20 Activities Clip Cards

  • 210 clip cards where students will count the number of objects on each card and clip the correct number form. There is only one correct answer for each card. There are 10 different themes for these numbers 0-20 activities. They include counting pepperoni on pizza, dots on bugs, seeds on strawberries, mice on cheese, frogs on a log, hot air balloons in the sky, fish in a tank, boats on the ocean, dots on butterflies, and counting the number of gumballs in a gumball machine.
  • Numbers 0-20 activities also includes 84 clip cards (4 cards for each number) there are at least 3 places to clip on each of these counting clip cards. Students will practice written form, number form, dice, tallies, dominoes, and the number on a tens frame.

Use these easy prep counting numbers 0-20 activities all year round for your math centers. Just print, laminate, and cut. Then, put out some clip cards at a math center and rotate them throughout the year.

Easily split up the task cards to focus on different number ranges based on what your students can do independently. Not only will these counting activities engage your students but they will also increase fine motor skills too!

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