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Engage your students with this editable end of the year escape room for preschool, kindergarten, and first-grade students! Easily set up this escape room for the last day of school and make it memorable and fun! There are 5 crack the code escape room clues for students to solve. There are 2 different escape rooms one for preschool and kindergarten and the second escape room for first grade. You can easily use both of the end-of-the-year escape rooms to differentiate too! Each clue has a QR code for student instructions. This way you do not have to read anything and can just watch your students work together to solve this mystery!

Clues for the End of the Year Escape Room

  • Clue 1 math questions for preschool and kindergarten the questions focus on shape identification and comparing sizes. For the 1st-grade math clue, students will measure to the nearest half-inch, compare sizes, and answer half and fourth fraction questions.
  • Clue 2 students will solve a secret message using the code. Then they will unscramble two words to solve this clue.
  • Clue 3 students will decide which of the picture cards plants and animals need to survive. There are only three things they need.
  • Clue 4 students will create their own animal using the supplies you set out for them to use. For example, paint, paper, pipe cleaners, wooden craft sticks, glue, etc. They will need to design an animal say where it lives and what it eats.
  • Clue 5 students will receive the final clues to solve the room

You will be able to add the names of people in the school and your name to personalize this end of the year solve the room mystery and tell your students that you will miss them! This makes a great end-of-the-year activity. Watch the video preview for more information.

How to Use This Solve the Room Mystery

  1. You will divide your students into small groups. I recommend 2-4 kids per group. Then you will assign each group a particular color.
  2. Next, you will need 5 envelopes per team and the marker of their colored group. This way students only find their envelope clues.
  3. Then, you follow the clue steps.
  4. Next, you will hide the clues around the room while students are not in there.
  5. When students come back to the room split them up into groups and tell them that someone has a secret message for them and they have to figure it out by solving 5 clues.
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