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We are so happy you became a lifetime member! Here are two full unit plans for your kids. These units are geared towards toddlers, preschool, and kindergarten kids. Easily uses the activities for years. Combined the price is $15 and today you can grab it for free!

Included in the Days of Creation Activity Pack

  • 24 Playdough mats (God created...)
  • 7 Sentence puzzles one for each of the 7 days
  • 7 mini lessons
  • Interactive Days of Creation velcro book
  • God created _____ a-z letter cards 26 capital letter cards and 26 lowercase letter cards
  • Capital and lowercase letter matching mats
  • Fine Motor Days of Creation threading activity
  • Number card mats with ten frames
  • Number clip cards 1-10
  • Shape matching mini mat
  • Memory verse
  • Interactive notebook insert or flap book! focuses on syllables, rhyming words, 7 days of creation

Our Transportation Unit Includes

  • Letters A-Z tracing activity
  • Matching capital and lowercase letters
  • Color sorting activity
  • Transportation sorting by land, air, and water
  • Choo-choo name activity
  • Finish the patterns
  • Number tracing
  • Sorting shapes
  • Tens frame counting clip cards includes 40 cards for numbers 0-10
  • Sorting by size small, medium, and large
  • Vocabulary word tracing
  • Playdough cards for ways of transportation
  • Line Tracing
  • Digital task card boom deck (focuses on ways of transportation, shapes, and counting)
  • Sensory bin ideas
  • Craft Ideas
  • Plus a digital activity to reinforce learning!
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