Letter Recognition Activities Matching Capital and Lowercase

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Make matching capital and lowercase letters fun with these engaging and hands-on matching capital and lowercase task cards! Prep once and use it year-round!

Why purchase these matching alphabet task cards?
These are not ordinary task cards instead students will use their fine motor skills to thread each task card through the correct hole. By incorporating body movement students will stay on task longer and enjoy it! Also, these are self-checking cards and completely worksheet-free!

How to Use these Matching Capital and Lowercase Alphabet Task Cards
  • Print off each page (there are 18 task cards per letter)
  • Circle the correct answer on the back of each task card, then laminate
  • Cut and hole punch the different options

Next, set up a literacy center with these matching alphabet task cards along with a straw, stir stick, pipe cleaner, or other stick-like objects. Then, allow students to thread the correct answer through each stick object.

Once prep you can easily use this as a center year-round! As you introduce a new letter you can place only those task cards out, then use them as a review. Your students will love these engaging matching capital and lowercase letters. Try them out today!

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